Prepare your body and your mind for a restful night’s sleep is not something you can leave to chance. It’s important. Follow the same routine day after day, night, offers you the best opportunity to deal with hours of pure sleep.

That’s why follow the customs before you go to sleep is essential. Discover together the small steps you can take before going to bed, the bottom of the article to find out which remedy which I prefer and use more readily.

Classical music or New Age calm the mind and relax the body
There are 6 best habits before going to sleep:-

1. Drink cherry juice

You already know that there are some drinks that are best avoided in the evening, such as coffee and soft drinks, but did you know that there are others who can give you a relaxing and allow you to fall asleep more easily.
The cherry juice is one of these and it is very useful even if you’re among the many people who suffer from insomnia .
It’s one of the good habits before going to sleep . It is ideal to relax and say that to your body that the day is over and it’s finally arrived the sacred time of rest. Cherries are rich in melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep.
A glass an hour before going to bed works wonders and the tea is another option to consider: provides the same dose of relaxation as a tea, but without caffeine and theine.
In the last article we talked about the 4 surefire natural sleeping pills, check it out here .

2. Wearing something comfortable

The choice of pajamas is essential and makes it one of the healthy habits before going to sleep .
Experiment with different options according to your personal preferences and the time of year. In summer, wearing pajamas of cotton, comfortable and breathable. In winter, try the flannel that will give you a warm and cozy garment.
Make sure to choose a comfortable clothing and you do not shrink, will help you feel better and sleep well at night. Wear your pajamas is also a way to activate the hormones of sleep and begin to make a habit of going to bed as soon as you hear him.

3. Make a little light stretching

The evening is certainly not the time for an extreme exercise, but a little stretching can help you fall asleep faster without feeling the aches and pains of daily toils.
Rarely do you prepare for a night of rest, but it’s a good idea to stretch the muscles and tendons before putting them on stand-by for eight hours.
Take a few minutes to relax your body. Free your mind and meditate. Think of the day you just lived to give positive momentum before you lie down on the bed.

Stretching in the evening prevents you from waking up with stiff muscles and limbs. No matter what your lifestyle: if you spend your days sitting at a desk in front of an office or if you move throughout the day, stretching helps to put your body back into balance and prepare for sleep.

The next morning you will feel better and definitely more load!
They are very helpful also the meditation exercises … you can find it simple even for beginners in this article .

4. Set the right temperature

Waking up in the middle of the night because you feel too hot or too cold is an abrupt and annoying way to break the cycle of sleep and it risentirai the next day.
Keep in mind that the body temperature drops during sleep, so you feel warm even at the beginning it is likely that during the night you’ll feel cooler.
Prepare a blanket to keep on hand, so to warm up without having to get out of bed and change the sheets according to the season: in winter and cool and thick read during the summer.
Maintain a certain kind of comfort at night is essential. In the morning you’ll wake up more refreshed!

5. Read something that makes you feel good

Read activate your imagination in a positive way. A page or even a paragraph makes you feel good and is one of the best habits before going to sleep . Why is that? It stimulates the imagination, gives you emotions and allows you to drift into sleep. Do you remember the fairy tales that you told your children before putting them to bed? Here is the same function!

Read one hour per night and choose what you like, that is not too heavy and full-bodied.
Just like your body, your mind needs to be nourished every day. It is not necessary to read something new, but more something that you send a smile and give you the right frame of mind to relax and then fall asleep.

6. Listen to relaxing music

Classical music or New Age calm the mind and relax the body. Instead of listening to something inspiring or that might, however, make you come the headaches , thrown out of pop music, preferably instrumental. There are many, even melodies created specifically to help you sleep.
Have you ever tried to use the music and breathing combined to relax?
I personally very much I relax by listening to music rdi a certain type, with which I can easily meditate or simply find my moment of peace and relaxation.
You can download a free track of those listening here in a free and safe .
Make up your mind in a state conducive to sleep is a matter of taking the habit before going to sleep , and you which of these rituals do you use? Share them with us!

We often wonder if running is a healthy activity , and more than once we told you that walking has even greater benefits than jogging . But today we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of running outdoors or indoors do, whether in machines gym or covered courts as discussed below.

Hitting the pavement with our feet turns out to be one of the most damaging to the joints of the lower body activities . It is also an exercise that many people finds it tedious, leaving them exhausted and stripped of what a fitness routine often means for many / as.
Therefore running indoors has its advantages as I do outdoors
Dean Lurie, a certified athletic trainer in Toronto, says that often people do not achieve their optimal level of functioning , as they are experiencing discomfort and / or boredom. These problems may result from stress on joints or overwork the body. All their symptoms often occur when people are susceptible to changes in the environment where they are doing the activity . Therefore it is crucial to find the runtime environment that suits each.

Running outdoors

People who enjoy running outdoors find that there are plenty of visual variety as the landscape is constantly changing and this distracts them and keeps them motivated to continue his career. The fresh air of the countryside, the coast and the polluted city are some of the spaces that we take the time to train outdoors during the week . But everything has its pros and cons:


  • The changing landscape distracted , helping the rider to complete his training.
  • The land is variable . The intensity of brokers vary depending on the land on which we are training. Not the same run on the beach sand asphalt or grass.
  • The resistance against wind forces a runner to run longer and harder.
  • The movement of the corridor is not limited by anything , so lets move joints as we please by helping the body to move more and burn more calories.
  • Running on a uneven surface forces the central nervous system to try to balance naturally. This involves more muscles so you burn more calories.
  • Running is easily incorporated into a schedule because there is no opening or closing hours .


  • We can not rely on time , so if it’s raining or snowing a broker you can not train .
  • Running in extreme weather conditions , as a day of extreme heat or cold can cause physical exhaustion and decreased level of performance.
  • Uneven ground can cause more shock impact to the ankles and knees of a runner, which increase the likelihood of stress injuries, sprains and strains . However when running on softer surfaces like grass, gravel or sand pressure on the knees and lower leg is greatly reduced.
  • Darkness and traffic can affect personal safety , especially for women.
  • The levels of pollution and foggy days can affect our breathing, especially for those suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Running indoors or tape tracks

The climate inside is always predictable. This means that the broker / a will be able to spend more time doing your workout and no climate change will do to stop training. In this type of race row / a also find motivation because it can measure how far you’ve run laps knowing the track or you gave. Even on a treadmill can know that distance perfectly.


  • Many gyms have air circulation systems that regulate the proper oxygen and carbon dioxide amounts for optimal training will not have the car fumes.
  • The runway surface is damped so that there is less stress on the knees and ankles.
  • A track is well lit and monitored by staff, it is a more secure environment. As in a gym.
  • The surfaces are regular, there is no risk of tripping because of the terrain.
  • Number of preset workout programs on the tapes that allow the broker / control their intensity, duration, pitch and rhythm.
  • A treadmill can be put in front of the TV and this creates a distraction, allowing the runner to complete their routine without realizing it.
  • Treadmills can be purchased for home use , without going to the gym.


  • Other people are exercising near you , and at peak times this can be very damaging, causing slow performance runner.
  • It is a repetitive routine and this can create boredom, causing the rider wants to go outside.
  • The surface is flat and consistent so that a runner can only increase the intensity of your workout by acceleration and / or train longer.
  • Is the range of motion of the corridor limited to use only the space tape about a meter wide. Which will result in the long term, hip and knee problems.
  • It is a static training in which the runner remains in one place for a long period of time . This can be tedious making the runner loses interest.

Therefore running indoors has its advantages as I do outdoors. On the other hand the disadvantages of both modes are also present and have some weight to opt for one or the other. However we can not pronounce about because each of these forms for jogging are good for each other reasons, so that we spend days outside with other interior, not too bored and learn new methods.

Many times we come to the gym and see both men and women doing some exercises we’d never seen. Today we will give you focus on a basic but very important tip when put to practice squats. This exercise is usually the one that most women fail in the execution, so we will help with a trick to greatly improve your technique.

Every year has its own execution, either to make our muscles grow more concentrated manner or to get every fiber contraction and increased resistance to the remarkable effort. Enough people believe that squats hurt your knees and back , which is not true and that we saw above. With the right technique and with the supervision of a fitness professional , we will not fear to injure us.

We went down to the position of squatting as low as you can each

The common mistake among practitioners of squats is to let the knees, going down, going beyond (further forward) to the tips of my toes. Without this ruling we could benefit from squats properly. This can not happen. To prevent this from happening, we must follow these steps in the execution time:

We will stand with a foot apart and a half feet more or less and the tips directed slightly outward. For amplitude snatch squat for each person, we practice next to a wall vertical jump and record us on video, as the perfect opening for a squat is one that has allowed us to jump higher in that vertical jump.

We went down to the position of squatting as low as you can each, always keeping your torso straight . For we can not go down too use a bank behind us and, as our ass touch the seat back up.

At this time we will take a look at our knees. If they are well ahead of the toes, we put the pelvis back and chest forward, keeping your shoulders in an intermediate term.

With this useful advice and properly practicing in the gym or in your own home with a broomstick, you can gradually improve the technique to spend later catch a barbell in the gym. If you manage not improve quickly, do not worry, because many people find it harder because of the lack of practice of sport and physical activity.

5 Best running shoes 2014

Regular riders always should be the last due to wear their shoes . So today we will give you the best options to buy this summer and take advantage of some deals, for which both professionals and beginners running in this activity as soon lately. We will disclose the top 5 running shoes models for this year 2014; would not want to continue dating with nothing on your feet, after knowing the negative consequences of running barefoot.

Saucony Kinvara 5

Saucony Kinvara 5 is one of the best shoes that currently exists. It is lightweight and attractive

This is one of the best shoes that currently exists. It is lightweight and attractive , features that most riders / as searches. On the other hand has two uses, to train and compete. There are brokers who use a shoe for every occasion. Prices for the best shoes today are not for every budget, but this model is priced content , apparently seen there. Its weight is 218 grams in men and 187 in women.

Available on Amazon for 120.25 euros

Under Armour Speedform 2014

Under Armour Speedform 2014 is not well known brand offering a footprint almost barefoot , as if lleváramos slippers

These shoes is not well known brand offering a footprint almost barefoot , as if lleváramos slippers. It is very similar to shoes barefoot, but science says several things about it . They are aimed at racing between 5 and 10 kilometers . They are very faint scratches to the side, but it has lowered the weight to 185 grams in men and 169 in women.

Available on Amazon for 116.97 euros

Saucony Virrata 2

Saucony Virrata 2 model is very breathable, ideal for running high temperature
This model is very breathable, ideal for running high temperature . Quick drying mesh fabric for her at the top. Well padded on the toes with Eva rubber and heel provides a very good cushioning compared to other shoes. Its weight is 184 grams in men and 170 in women.

Available on Amazon for 99.95 euros

Newton Gravity III

Newton Gravity III is ideal for runners who long distance running, They are durable till you drop

This shoe is ideal for runners who long distance running. They are durable till you drop. Valid for unlimited workouts . For runners who run every day for race training with high intensity and low, running to over 100 miles at a stretch. An incredibly efficient for all types of runners slippers. Its weight is greater than the previous models, 252 grams in men and 230 women.

Available on Amazon for 167.51 euros

Asics Gel DS Racer 10

The new model Asics Gel DS Racer 10 is lighter than previous Asics, is especially noticeable in races as long distance marathons
The new model is lighter than previous Asics, is especially noticeable in races as long distance marathons . Its DuoMax technology in the middle of the sole gives an advantage to the pronator. Your weight is reduced due to the Solyte midsole. Very light and breathable for better flexibility and performance in the race. In the high-paced career facilitates tread thanks to its Propulsion Plate. His weight is 181 grams in men and 167 in women.

Available on Amazon for 98 euros

If you have the running shoes worn since the last time we show the best shoes in value last year, or if you like any of these 5 models shown, and can be booking any of them because you will not find anything better in he market today. Among these five shoes, we recommend two models of Saucony depending on broker you may be.

The gym, where there are thousands of people with multiple objectives. You could do a monologue with different situations that occur day to day in a small room like this but this time will be different. Seeing how much I liked the essential items you should bring to the gym is time to continue talking about this place.

There are several practical, very common that people do in the gym and should drop completely. We will develop a short list of the most common and at the same time, most annoying. Do you do any of these things?

The muscle hypertrophy requires a high weight exercises

Chat with mobile

It is increasingly common to see people carrying their mobile gym. As an athlete I have always dismissed such practices, the times I’ve been able to take my phone to sport has been a precaution, as one of those essential items you should bring on the bike or because he was expecting an important call. Do not carry your mobile gym and not get to chat with your friends, let alone make your biceps photos and send them, it’s very annoying and people want a bit of privacy and tranquility.

Bring ultra-tight clothes

Long time has passed that time when wearing tight clothing. Useless to wear to the gym three smaller clothing sizes that mark. If you’re a girl it would not be advisable to wear thong to the gym a comfortable and breathable clothing is more than enough to do your workout. Humans often fail to concentrate with people before putting things difficult, best avoided, just in case.

Leave sweaty machines

It is essential to bring a towel, there’s nothing to get upset over a machine and the bank is all sweaty. Sweating is natural, all sweat in one form or another but few have to touch the other for free is the most disgusting thing we see in one of these rooms. Many gyms even offer totally free towels to avoid this situation. Nobody will tell you anything most of the time but one day you will prohibit the entry is some common sense.

Shout out

The muscle hypertrophy requires a high weight exercises. Sometimes, to raise ourselves or earn a bonus of any motivation we can get to scream. Do not abuse the screams, people go to the gym to sport not to see how suffer lifting your 100 kg of pectoral 7 times with maximal effort. If you have to give a shout at each repetition is best that you change the weight or opt for doing so quiet , raise it up equally.


How many times have you tried to pick a cufflink is your weight and everything is messy. Not counting the times you wanted to take the mat and it was not in place . It is not good to go to the gym to mess things up, put everything in place.

How many times have you seen doing any of these things in the gym that you go? These are the most annoying as I could see with my own eyes but there are more that do not fall short. Would you like to add them via the comments ?

Have you heard of this method of running? An experience that everyone repeats because of the adrenaline and the originality of the activity. Strongly recommended for out of the usual routine of exercise that many carry, but as you know plays a vital equipment for sports performance and health paper . First we gave you some advice for beginners to the trail , and today we review what criteria you should follow when choosing a right to go to the mountain slippers. It will not do any type of footwear for uneven terrain increases the likelihood of injury to ankles, knees, etc. Please note:

Stability: Most of the population is pronation or universal, but the prevailing trend is toward the mountain the first type of tread. When you test the foot has to completely support without sagging too, so my advice is when in doubt choose the pronatory.

 Choosing your shoes trail

Restraint: The instep is perhaps the most contentious area around the foot and we usually change from one situation to another relying on this location. For this reason the shoe must have a good protection from forward cords so well controlled with tread front.

Weight: The joints will be responsible for curbing any kind of impact, and you should protect them with some exercises. But beyond training off the mountain also have to monitor the shoes according to your weight. For heavier runners is convenient to use a shoe with a little more cushion to be observed in a greater thickness of the sole. But be careful with this, as excessive damping can also be counterproductive for skeletal health.

Minimalist shoes? not advisable for novices to trail, but if you already have some travel can pass this type of footwear. Remember known “cases” standing barefoot running require a considerable variation in the type of tread , from beading to run the forefoot.

Land: Of course you must know the type of terrain you’re going to tread. When the prevalence is a smooth floor without shoes too many irregularities have to be lighter without any or no taco. But as we move into uneven terrain full of unexpected events in the form of stones, rocks, etc grip will become more important and the need to incorporate cues will become apparent . A large number of blocks is advisable only in rain or muddy adverse weather conditions and you’ll need more grip

Overall trail slippers should be hard enough to hold all changes of direction but with a touch of lightness to become the ground where we stand. Some proper exercises will help considerably to keep your ankles healthy.

Making a good training AQUA-RUNNING

Not everyone knows the AQUA-RUNNING , a different way of training where you run into the water. It is not a very common sport but many senior runners use it to recover from certain injuries , thus minimizing the risk of relapse without losing power.

The exercise itself is suitable for all ages and levels, but we need to practice a swimming pool and a belt (or vest to float) . Ideally, practice this exercise in the deepest part of the pool because the gesture stride has to be suspended. If the runner is then usually it may be able to practice without a belt.

To do the exercise well put the body straight and shoulders out of the water or the height. These should be relaxed and it is important to breathe. Rhythm will be very different but the actual work will be very high . But how good AQUARUNNING training done?
To do the AQUA-RUNNING exercise well put the body straight and shoulders out of the water or the height
We can use very simple series, then talk about the most common training AQUARUNNING, do we need to be adapted, the first day will be enough to take the practice and technique of the sport.

A good training AQUA-RUNNING

  • Joint mobility 5 minutes out of water.
  • 5 minutes in the water heating.
  • 35 minutes of race in the water, whatever the style.
  • 15 minutes easy pace.
  • Specific exercise 10 minutes (can be of any type).
  • 10 minutes to relax decreasing rate.
  • 5 minutes with releasing much slower movements.

After the session would be important to swim a little to loosen and stretch muscles . In this type of exercise or no wear articular muscle, improves blood circulation and increases endurance . senior athletes work advanced techniques and feature submersible treadmills, although very useful for training not available to everyone .

Here is how to heal as soon as possible! Sure it’s annoying, and it also really ugly to look at, but at least Labial Herpes is a typical disorder that is likely to be cured with natural remedies . In the jargon Herpes Simplex appears on the lip due to a particular state of physical or emotional stress, such as venting of food intolerance, and even after excessive exposure to sunlight.

There are several natural cures effective against herpes: in addition to homeopathy, some medical herbs, and especially the classics grandma’s remedies. Let’s see 7 Natural Cures for Herpes:

ancient natural remedy to Fight Herpes  is spread toothpaste

Aloe vera:

Even before a cure, aloe vera is an extremely effective system of prevention against the onset of Herpes Labial: being rich in both sugars, which promote the strengthening of the immune system, and in micro-nutrients that play an antiseptic, the oral intake of aloe juice significantly decreases the risk of infections. In the form of pure gel instead, Aloe vera fights infection already in place and allows faster healing.


A natural remedy and effective especially in the early stages, when the infection has not yet appeared, but already feels an itch to lip. Just put an ice cube on the skin affected by the virus for a few minutes and repeat every hour.

Tincture of thyme ideal to Fight Herpes

Even in this case, the bubble before it comes out, you should put a drop on the lip, being careful not to exceed dose as it can burn. This dye as well as the maleleuca, is in health food stores.

Grapefruit seed extract:

These seeds have many therapeutic properties and are excellent antiseptics, are therefore particularly suitable as a natural cure for herpes. The most effective among the derivatives of grapefruit seed extract in particular (also available in herbal medicine), because they contain flavonoids in large quantity and variety.


Other ancient natural remedy to Fight Herpes is spread toothpaste (or a little bicarbonate) on the side and wait until dry. However, this is a less effective remedy, to be taken even when the bubbles have not formed a crust.
On the:

Even the the think can be useful, if not to eradicate definitively, to reduce infection with Herpes Labial, moreover, is a natural cure for easily available: simply apply a moistened tea bag for a few minutes about herpes.

Licorice :

Due to its content of glycyrrhetinic acid, once the infection is already in place, it helps to speed up the repair processes of the skin. In short, the damage done, licorice , will help to make disappear more quickly those pesky bubbles.

Before closing, due to a clarification: in those affected, the Herpes Simplex is always present in the body, as if it were “asleep”, but infection occurs when the immune system is weakened: the best natural cure will be therefore prevention that could strengthen the immune system first.

Why professional training at altitude?

We are in pre-season physical preparation time for most sports teams. The demands of each session can be explained, is that the calendar is very long and fitness is crucial in achieving results. You’ve probably seen many teams go to distant countries at high altitudes, especially cyclists. Choosing these places is not random , it is done by a simple physiological reason. This form of training emerged from the Mexico Olympics in 1968, by which time it had to restate the fact train a departure from the usual altitude. We train to talk a bit more about the famous high altitude training.

At higher altitudes, less atmospheric pressure, that fact must start. When we change the height also varies the concentration of oxygen in our lungs and have a smaller amount for our body . Consequently our body triggers a series of reactions due to the automatic nature of survival we have, among which include:
This form of training emerged from the Mexico Olympics in 1968
Increased heart rate to meet the needs of oxygen to all tissues, even if they are under more physical effort.

Increased number of breaths per minute to capture more oxygen.

And most importantly, the increase in the hormone responsible for producing red blood cells: erythropoietin (EPO)

If the number of red blood cells also rises the amount of oxygen carried in the blood, and thus the performance is higher when returns to normal heights at which time these adaptations are stored in the body. This is the main reason the height training or also known as hypoxic conditions .

However it is not enough to go to a high altitude and train as in the place of origin. Experts set a height should be between 2000 and 2600 meters , discouraging exceed 3000 meters. You can also have consequences in technical and tactical players to train under strange conditions, but the benefits will be higher as long as it is strategically planned. According Bell in 1996, the process of increasing the EPO is produced from the 5 to 7 days . Another option used by elite athletes is the “live high, train low” using a hypoxia machines that simulate altitude conditions while sleeping.

Note that these situations change in a different physiology of each individual and, although there are general rules so you have to measure carefully what you do with these workouts. There are differences between doping and ergogenic , with altitude training a middle ground that can be legal if used correctly or transfusions punishable if not permitted by regulations occur.

Sometimes the nails grow and maintain healthy, beautiful and strong is complicated. There are several factors that directly influence the health and beauty of your nails.

The causes that are brittle and weakened may be multiple, but so are the ways to fix them. Here we tell you about some reasons why they do not grow, as well as products and treatments that you have available to strengthen nails.

Cleanliness : regular contact with the water and cleaning products often weaken considerably. Try not to use hot water when cleaning, it is preferably warm, besides it also dry out the skin of your hands. Moisturize with repairing cream for hands and nails after prolonged use of water and cleaning products. A radically effective solution is to use gloves when cleaning clean if you get used you will not regret because the skin of your hands and nails will be greatly improved.

factors that directly influence the health and beauty of your nails

Onychophagia : if you bite your nails obviously these will be destroyed. There enamels specially designed for these cases.

Vitamin deficiency : the lack of certain vitamins or amino acids directly affects the health of your nails. If weak and brittle notes that this may be the cause. There are specific for these cases multivitamins also be strengthened, give health and beauty to your hair too. It is marketed under the name Cistimax and Megasistín .

How to protect : you can protect them in many ways. Calciums and nail strengtheners , multivitamins, creams and nail care for water. If you start drinking lend them the care your nails are beautiful and strong in a few weeks.