3 effective ideas to enlarge tight shoes

A pair of shoes that you like a lot but narrow enough? There are several ways to enlarge them slightly and make them fit to your foot. Some solutions that may seem bizarre and unlikely but that later turn out to be rather effective.

ideas to enlarge tight shoes

NEWSPAPERS – Wet well some newspaper and insert them into the shoe at the point where too tight. Wiping the newspaper will swell due to moisture widening the shoe.

FREEZER – Take some of those plastic bags to freeze and fill to 1/4 of water. Close them tightly and insert them each in a shoe at the point you want to enlarge. Put the shoe and bag in the freezer and wait for the water in the bag is completely frozen. Pull off your shoes for 30 minutes, then remove the teabags.

PHON – The heat can do much to tight shoes. Point the hair dryer directly on the shoe and on the verge of expanding, then wear the shoes. Repeat this many times until the shoe is not fit and will be enlarged as you wished.