5 things you should NOT do at the gym

The gym, where there are thousands of people with multiple objectives. You could do a monologue with different situations that occur day to day in a small room like this but this time will be different. Seeing how much I liked the essential items you should bring to the gym is time to continue talking about this place.

There are several practical, very common that people do in the gym and should drop completely. We will develop a short list of the most common and at the same time, most annoying. Do you do any of these things?

The muscle hypertrophy requires a high weight exercises

Chat with mobile

It is increasingly common to see people carrying their mobile gym. As an athlete I have always dismissed such practices, the times I’ve been able to take my phone to sport has been a precaution, as one of those essential items you should bring on the bike or because he was expecting an important call. Do not carry your mobile gym and not get to chat with your friends, let alone make your biceps photos and send them, it’s very annoying and people want a bit of privacy and tranquility.

Bring ultra-tight clothes

Long time has passed that time when wearing tight clothing. Useless to wear to the gym three smaller clothing sizes that mark. If you’re a girl it would not be advisable to wear thong to the gym a comfortable and breathable clothing is more than enough to do your workout. Humans often fail to concentrate with people before putting things difficult, best avoided, just in case.

Leave sweaty machines

It is essential to bring a towel, there’s nothing to get upset over a machine and the bank is all sweaty. Sweating is natural, all sweat in one form or another but few have to touch the other for free is the most disgusting thing we see in one of these rooms. Many gyms even offer totally free towels to avoid this situation. Nobody will tell you anything most of the time but one day you will prohibit the entry is some common sense.

Shout out

The muscle hypertrophy requires a high weight exercises. Sometimes, to raise ourselves or earn a bonus of any motivation we can get to scream. Do not abuse the screams, people go to the gym to sport not to see how suffer lifting your 100 kg of pectoral 7 times with maximal effort. If you have to give a shout at each repetition is best that you change the weight or opt for doing so quiet , raise it up equally.


How many times have you tried to pick a cufflink is your weight and everything is messy. Not counting the times you wanted to take the mat and it was not in place . It is not good to go to the gym to mess things up, put everything in place.

How many times have you seen doing any of these things in the gym that you go? These are the most annoying as I could see with my own eyes but there are more that do not fall short. Would you like to add them via the comments ?