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to really prepare your skin for tanning, natural or artificial, you should not miss a detoxifying treatment with homemade scrubs made from cucumber

Top 3 Scrubs To Do At Home

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinTo make your flesh beautiful there is nothing better than an effective scrub for the face and body to apply on your skin scrubs, you not only help the regeneration of your skin, removing all the dead cells accumulated in the time, but will eliminate that horrible gray typical of dull skin, giving the skin of your body and the rosy light that it deserves. Let’s see how to make 3 of the best homemade do-it-yourself scrub. Coffee Scrub...

Cellular therapy anti-aging therapy with embryonic cells and tissues

Cellular therapy: anti-aging therapy with embryonic cells and tissues

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinAmong the so many anti-aging treatments using techniques that not only are able to regenerate cells and delay the effects of aging. There also have applications for various diseases, the cellular therapy is one of the most popular, used for some decades. Cell therapy involves implanting – usually by injection – tissues or parts of tissues removed from animal embryos and fetuses that manage chemical and biological reactions that get different results. The organism related receptor molecules to cells...

Dead Sea Salts against skin aging Anti aging

Dead Sea Salts against skin aging

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinFor centuries the Dead Sea salts have been used in favor of beauty, it uses from this water body because they are is the one containing the highest levels of natural salt than any other in the world. Scientific studies found that the Dead Sea salts have beneficial results in the fight against a variety of skin diseases, psoriasis, for example, evolves favorably to the treatment with Dead Sea salts. This is because salts have a regenerative property on...