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Best makeup tricks for bigger eyes

Having eyes more big is the desire of many women. And it is that a nice look says a lot about a person, besides having a great power of seduction. Fortunately, to get it , if you do not have so, there makeup and some tricks of application that can make eyes look bigger.

Apply a little mascara to eyelashes and have put a touch of highlighter

One of the main keys to getting bigger eyes is the pencil kohl or kajal or eyeliner, among other eyeliners. In this case, it is better to avoid those that are colored black or very dark colors because they are dwarfing and eyes become less visible. It is best to use a pencil soft or pearly , for example, a golden, especially in those cases where the eye has a yellowish or reddish hue because that is achieved alleviate that color.

But also when applying eyeliner also must be done in a proper way. Thus, we must extend from the top line of the root of the tabs above to finish with a small upstroke as if it were a corner.

Having eyes more big is the desire of many women

Also be careful not to make the line too thick to prevent the eye look rounder. However, if you want a look at the line is thicker, it is best carried out from the middle of the eye towards the end, making it thicker so progressive and as you reach the end. Do not forget to finish the stroke also up .

Apply a little mascara to eyelashes and have put a touch of highlighter on the tear to illuminate the look, and they would have gotten bigger eyes. However, if you enjoy using shadows , the key is to choose two, which are within the same color, but a clearer and again a little darker.

The clearer the need to put the entire lid, while the dark is the end of the eye, ie, toward the corner, to give an almond shape to the eyes. And above all, it is very important to blend well the two shadows so no noticeable cuts in color.

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