Best Secret Tips for caring your favorite swimsuit

This summer holiday season is now open and be wherever we hold heat is key to always have the swimsuit. They come in all types, price and style, but overall its components are always the same. Its fabric is a fiber stretching, resists and stays well despite the way we treat heat, chlorine, salt, sunscreens, etc.

The swimsuit is the essential piece in any handbag for this summer. If we put so much effort into choosing one that left us well to the body, modern design that is comfortable and very beautiful, then the same determination will have to give to care and stay in good condition.
The swimsuit is the essential piece in any handbag for this summer
Increasingly their designs become sophisticated and added from special fabrics to embroidery, although they are unfit for use, need much attention. The fabric they are made, spandex, lycra, or other stretch fabrics, can also react badly to chemicals in the pool, the hot sun, washing and carelessness.

So for buying a swimsuit does not become an annual expenditure and the way we like to be used in the upcoming season, we offer some tips to stretch your life and that every time we use is spotless as the first day.

Care and Precautions:

Support: Always try to sit on a towel on a chaise, a bank or any smooth surface. I will never do it on the floor, beside the pool (usually rough tiles anti slip) or sand. These elements are your worst enemy because it directly break it, rip it and will generate these odious balls near the tail.

Washing: there can hardly be washed with running water, never let too much time with the water of the pool or the sea, much less dry it well. For this there are showers available everywhere removing the residue of chemicals, salt, bacteria, etc. Also sunscreen and body oils can affect the elasticity of the garment and some even stain.

Suitable products in cleaning always use a mild soap, if for delicate, better clothes. Normal detergents can be very abrasive and affect the fiber. Even the shampoo hair can be a good alternative. During washing to do a lot of foam and rinse several times to remove any residue.

Not to washing: some fabrics may have swimwear that contain Lycra, or sconces, studs, embroidery, ribbons, etc. They can be affected by the washing machine. The same applies to the delicate areas like the top, inserts, straps, etc. Therefore it is desirable Hand wash . And if possible leave some hours to soak.

Water: cold water is your best ally, not so hot that ruins and deformed. To use the sauna, jacuzzi or other places is better not to use the favorite swimsuit.

Drying: Never squeeze to largue all wash water, this can damage the fabric. Nor never use dryer because it makes the same effect jacuzzi with hot steam. The strong direct sunlight is not advisable. After washing, wrap it in a towel and gently dry, then hang it in the shade.

Leisure: experts warn fabric spandex or lycra fabrics are “memory”, ie they need at least a day to recover its original shape. Therefore it is advisable not to use the same swimsuit always, I rather merged back someone else to give this break in the fiber.

Chemicals and other products despite fabrics swimsuits are tough, never get along with suntan oil, cream, stain, etc. Then it is essential to use neutral products, not too perfumed and if we do not have at least a good rinsed with water alone will keep it in top condition.

Caring for a garment makes its durability and resistance is higher, you do not lose shape, color or you generate defects to the fabric. To do these tips are the best allies of your favorite swimsuit.