Best shoes 2011: Thick-heeled shoes chunky style

For those who do not know, the Chunky style shoe is a shoe in high and powerful style, but easy to walk because it has a thick heel and platform while adding many inches to your height, gives a very modern look and is comfortable others.


For this season and possibly many more, the designers propose this type of footwear which raises the wedge shape and stylized legs without reducing stability and comfort. This type of footwear is ideal for use during the day and night if you know combined with clothing and accessories.


Shoes and Footwear Thick-heeled shoes chunky style


The wooden-heeled shoes are more comfortable and provide better support; thanks to the platform, which in turn gives that touch of informality that characterizes them. While it is a fad that was the rage in the 60’s, now completely renovated and is imposed in addition to wood, you can get these shoes with heels of other materials and lined the pitch in Swedish, sandals, boots, peep toes, boots and so on.


As wear shoes chunky style

With Pants

This shoe is superb with tight pants and Chupin, long or cut to the ankle is also great with leggings of all kinds.

Shoes and Footwear Thick-heeled shoes chunky style

With socks

The more daring can be encouraged to wear chunky shoes with socks that contrast to make the color of the shoe, leather and offer a delicate blend half naif.


Dresses or skirts

The shoes chunky style makes legs look much longer and slender and are therefore ideal for girls of short stature. The stockings can be worn with or without winter in summer.


Oxford Pants

As our mothers bore them, the chunky shoes are fabulous with pants “elephant leg”.