In this opportunity I bring you an ideal makeup routine for daily use, perfect for that tendency of face washed or makeup to the naked, is a natural makeup, ideal for women who do not like to be very overloaded with artificial makeup. For many, beauty and naturalness go hand in hand. And so in this article, I propose a look of natural makeup and perfect for day to day with which you achieve a radiant skin tone and a fresh and natural complexion. A timeless and versatile look, which you can take it to go to the office or to go out to dinner or afterwork.

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First of all, it is to the hydration of the skin, Moisturizing the skin well before starting with the routine of makeup is fundamental to prepare it properly. In addition, in this way, the finish of your look will stay clean for much longer.

The important thing in this type of makeup is the base and the concealer, the idea is to disguise the imperfections without it seems that your face is completely covered with the product. So, if you just want to remove those small rednesses or granites, it is better that you use a concealer only on the areas to be treated. However, if you want more coverage, you can mix a few drops of your makeup base with your facial moisturizer. With this step you will gain a natural and subtle look, but you will cover imperfections. As for flushing, we choose to apply it with a brush upward, from the cheek to the temple, simulating a C, it is preferable to choose blushes in cream instead of powder.

A single layer of your eyelash mascara and you will get a bigger, waking and luminous look. If you do not have very long eyelashes, use the use of an eyelash curler and then apply a mask layer, preferably waterproof, with regard to the eyebrows it is advisable to combs with a eyebrow fixative gel. Use it to set eyebrow hairs up. You will see how they get more prominent instantly. And to finish your natural makeup choose nude tones or a simple lip balm. Select the ones that are matte and, in addition, that look like your natural lips color. Apply it with a finger, blurring the color, instead of applying it directly on your lips.