Botox: pros and cons of early application

to improve breast shape there are many options such as breast implants, botox injections

The use of botox is spreading to more and more young women wishing fervently prevent future wrinkles. Many dermatologists confirm that their use is effective for this purpose, but also warn of the dangers of the use of botox before the thirties.

Injections of Botox are composed of a purified neurotoxin produced naturally battery Clostridium botulinum, and what it does is interfere with communication between nerves and muscles. As a result the skin is smooth, soft and facial muscles where Botox was applied, remain paralyzed.

Let’s start with botox pro before the thirties:
to improve breast shape there are many options such as breast implants, botox injections
Some scholars argue that the use of botox at age 20 helps maximize its impact and effectively prevent the first signs of aging, bone, prevents fine lines that eventually become wrinkling.

Moreover, Botox to paralyze facial muscles, makes the skin is not subjected to constant motion, hence can retain its elasticity for much longer than you would naturally.

As for migraines, Botox is also effective. While this condition is not at all aesthetically, it’s worth mentioning. The neurotoxin has been used successfully to treat chronic migraines in adults, and is also favorable for people suffering from regular headaches.

Cons start with early botox

While it seems that there are a lot of benefits starting with botox injections before their 30s, side effects are controversial.

These range from the huge costs associated with long-term treatment, the risk of premature aging, so the neurotoxin injected into the muscles at age 20 might not be a great idea.

Risk of premature aging

Some dermatologists argue that the use of botox as a preventive measure is not appropriate because it may create a risk of an aged appearance.

The treatment has not been available long enough to know the exact results produced after decades of regular use. Think that constantly keep muscles disconnected from the nerves, the risk that muscle mass will languish for lack of stimulation runs.

Increased risk of side effects

If you start using botox early age certainly have much more time to experience side effects.
As the years pass the body changes, so the botox can be very effective at age 20, but also you may discover that at age 50 generates an increase in side effects, and in turn the power of the neurotoxin decreases.

When to start with botox injections?

Here we must evaluate several factors, from the result of long-term treatment, and costs the same whether the frequency of recommended applications (3 times a year) is maintained.
The ideal is to consult a specialist so he can advise on the topic, and then on to make a decision.