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The famous celebrity weddings cost a fortune, where wedding dresses are designed by world’s famous fashion designers

10 Shortest Celebrity Marriages Exposed

Share Here…Aren’t Hollywood sweethearts something to swoon over? Celebrity couples, who have been together for a few years remind their fans of fairy tales. It is a bitter fact that every married couple goes through some rough patches, but most of them are able to manage the situations. Sadly, that...

2017 special design of Rosa Clará Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses Rosa Clará Two 2017

Share Here…Are you getting married soon? Well, you’d better not miss anything we told you about! And today we are going to show you some wedding dresses that you will love. We are referring to the designs that are part of the collection Rosa Clará Two 2017 where you will...

New collection of wedding gowns by Vera Wang 2012

New collection of wedding gowns by Vera Wang 2012

Share Here…The prestigious New York designer Vera Wang has once again demonstrated her talent and elegance to the design of wedding dresses truly unique and original, a style available to very few. This time we present the new collection of wedding gowns by Vera Wang, a line of luxury and...