The chains are also carried in every bag regardless of its color
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Chain bags: the must buy collection for this winter 2021

Again, we are going to talk about the trends that come for this autumn-winter 2020-2021. On this occasion, we focus on bags because there are also very interesting proposals in this accessory. The truth is that the designs are many, although one element stands out above the others: the chains. It is time to take out of the closet or buy a chain bag to be fashionable. But what trend is it taking?

The chains are the element that can not miss in the bag this season autumn-winter 2020-2021. The truth is that since Chanel included them in their designs and bags that are classic and mythical were created, it has been a frequent element in these accessories.

The chains are also carried in every bag regardless of its color

The trends are multiple and range from those iconic bags from the house of camellia to other more innovative proposals and, even, with a rocker air . Regardless of which one is chosen, one thing is clear: the chain is a must this season.

The different fashion brands, regardless of whether they are more or less inexpensive, propose various models, ranging from crossbody bags with a long chain to fanny packs in which the chain allows them to be attached to the waist. Baguette bags also incorporate it, as well as hair designs or box- type bags , among others. The truth is that it is incorporated in every bag.

  • They are models in which the chain itself serves as a handle or as a longer strap or is incorporated as an ornamental detail to give a new look to bags with more classic or minimalist lines.
  • The chains are also carried in every bag regardless of its color. The main trend is true that it points to the classic black , but also to beige or other neutral tones .
  • For the most daring or sophisticated, the chains are also found in designs of other colors such as gray or blue , among other shades.

Uterqüe bag collection for this winter 2021

The chains are the element that can not miss in the bag this season autumn-winter 2020-2021

The bags are always an essential complement throughout outfit. And, although with confinement, you go out less or telework, it is also totally necessary. You may need a smaller number of bags per season or they may have other functionalities. This is not a problem because the COVID-19 crisis is also reflected in the designs , which become much more versatile and functional to adapt to new times. The collection of Uterqüe is a good example. Your bags for this winter 2021 are a safe choice to cover different types of needs. Here are some models that are essential.

  • The Uterqüe collection comprises different designs. Some of them are classic lines like bag shoulder bag with double zipper and tassel hanging to give that elegant touch. Another classic design is the Carthusian bag .
  • Without going to follow those classic lines, but with a very elegant style, it is bag Gathered in skin of coconut and leather bag with braided handle , which incorporates a small golden detail on the front.
  • The day to day requires bags of more capacity and more size. For these cases, there is the bag shopper , the firm reinvents the songs to the contrast and accompanying long handle in different texture.

Another option for those who have to carry a lot is the medium-sized bag with short handles attached with golden rings to the body, providing that differential touch within a short-handle design. A model that is also available in a larger size.

And, speaking of capacity, you cannot miss the backpacks , which have been designed in nylon with rhinestone details or in leather with braided handles for less casual outfits.

Very functional are the shoulder bags and fanny packs . The latter have been made in snakeskin and in striking colors such as fuchsia or green. Very original are the double-sided nylon bags in which some detail of gemstones has been added.

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