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How to detect dyslexia in children from 3 to 12 years old

How to detect dyslexia in children who have no physical, psychological or social problems

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinDo you want to know how to detect dyslexia in children from 3 to 12 years old ? We are talking about a type of disorder related to learning that is found in children who do not have or do not show any physical, psychological or social problems. It is understood as a conflict when decoding or reading words. Dyslexics often manifest difficulties in reciting the alphabet, to classify sounds, name letters or make simple rhymes. Regarding reading, they...

homeschooling is possible to avoid problems that hurt so many children in the classroom like bullyng, or bad influences

Advantages and Disadvantages of homeschooling

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedin The homeschooling refers to a type of alternative education, from home without attending school. It consists, therefore, that students receive the subjects of mathematics, literature, issues such as fire safety, environmental protection or other matters, without going to a public or private school. In this article we analyze the advantages that this entails and the disadvantages. On many occasions for moral, personal, religious, geographical or distrustful reasons to schools, some parents decide that their children study only from...

Music education and its advantages for learning

Music education and its advantages for learning

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedin Did you know that music helps children who have pronunciation problems? Thanks to music education children can improve stuttering and other aspects such as the development of their creative capacity, the externalization of their emotions and the reinforcement of memory. The music education is very positive for the development of learning and training people. Today, we review the advantages of its study and analysis: Benefits of Music Education -The first advantage is that it develops the musical ear,...