To achieve an optimal level of hydration, drink liquids and apply moisturizing creams and lotions
Skin Care

Cleaning and exfoliation also influence skin hydration

There are people who always drink water even without their knowledge. While working on laptop, typing in smartphones, even while walking they keep the water bottle with them. Of course it it a more than good habit. Skin Hydration is one of the most important steps for the skin to maintain its elasticity and exercise its barrier function. To achieve an optimal level of hydration, you must drink liquids and apply moisturizing creams and lotions, but you must also take into account other aspects such as cleansing and exfoliation.

To achieve an optimal level of hydration, drink liquids and apply moisturizing creams and lotions

To achieve an optimal level of hydration, drink liquids and apply moisturizing creams and lotions 

Do you know the type of your own skin? You should know it for better care of the skin. To clean the face, it is necessary to take into account, especially, if the skin is mixed or oily, if it has sensitivity or specific problems such as dermatitis, if it is mature skin that is usually drier … case of the body, we have to assess if there are dermatological problems or if the skin tends to show flaking. Products without soap are the most suitable for skin that has some sensitivity.

On the other hand, the exfoliation is used to remove dead skin cells, renew the skin and hydrate it. It is a step that we often forget and raises doubts, but which is also important for skin care, both facial and body. In general terms, the expert recommends doing it once a week.

In the case of the body, you must insist on areas such as elbows, knees, feet where dead skin and hardness accumulate. For the face you can choose between mechanical exfoliants, the most common ones, enzymatic exfoliants, ideal for sensitive skin and chemical exfoliants that are acids. You have to choose the best product depending on each skin, to get the benefits of this step. And always do it gently, when it comes to a mechanical exfoliation, without putting too much pressure on the skin.

Hydrating the skin with creams and lotions

To hydrate the face, in addition to choosing a specific moisturizer for each skin type, we can include a moisturizing serum as a previous step. It is especially recommended for dry skin, which tends to suffer dehydration throughout the day.

The skin of the body is the great forgotten, especially in winter, when it comes to hydrating it . It is important to note that hot water, sudden changes in temperature or heating can dry it out. The ideal would be to hydrate it daily with a product that is practical for you, and insisting on areas that suffer more dryness, such as elbows or knees.

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