Cosmetic and Makeup

Cleaning and removing makeup: what is right?

Once or twice a day, and facial skin clean is a routine that no woman should forget as they help to improve the appearance of the skin and prevent acne, allergies, dryness, scaling, etc..

But one cannot always take the time that both actions require, then what is the most important, is it the same clean that facial? This and other questions unveiled in the next note.

The skin care is something to do every day because it serves mainly to get rid of the impurities that accumulate on our skin throughout the day and is the product of the environment, or oiliness own makeup.

Both cosmetic products are not the same, basically a makeup remover contains specialized ingredients

Yet within this routine, there are two important things: cleaning and removing makeup. Both are complementary and can be performed one after the other, but not the same, nor are used to counteract these problems. The differences between them lie in the compounds containing products.

Ideally both routines always practice together, but if there is time, the most important thing is to get rid of all makeup.

Why facial makeup needed?

Makeup is the alternative to cover imperfections and beautify the face. Before going to sleep it is important to remove the makeup because it prevents pores to breathe at night.

The skin consists of pores that release toxins from the body and should be released as possible, with no obstructions, such as those caused by traces of makeup, preventing the face is oxygenated. The epidermis (top layer of skin), is in contact with the air we breathe. If oxygen does not circulate well through it, it can be no longer healthy.

Other consequences of the lack of makeup remover at night are:
By leaving the skin overnight can resect, bringing in a future premature wrinkling.
Makeup can enter the eyes and inflame the mucous membrane lining of the eyelids, especially the eyeliner or mascara.
The seeds remain in the skin and cause oiliness.

The cleaning is done not only with water and soap in the shower, also requires scrubs, lotions, sponges and creams that penetrate well into all corners and free us from the grease or impurities. If one is not made up, then you have to clean, but otherwise what is paramount sweep bases, shadows, lipstick or mascara that may remain in the face.

Both cosmetic products are not the same, basically a makeup remover contains specialized ingredients dissolving and help remove the makeup of the skin, rather than a single cleaner, fails. That is as important.

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