common questions about gel nails
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5 common questions about gel nails

It is normal that you are interested in this type of false nails: they are very practical and offer you many advantages that you cannot stop enjoying.

However, it is always a good idea to know small details so that you avoid all kinds of problems or so that you do not even risk damaging your natural nail. Discover the 5 most important things you need to know if you want to apply gel nails :

1- How often should gel nails be maintained?

  • This process is known as “filling”, since it consists exactly in filling with UV gel the space that remains between the natural nails that have grown and the artificial gel nail.
  • The frequency with which the filling should be done will vary according to the growth rate of each woman’s nails. In general, this process takes place every 3-4 weeks .
  • It is important to attend this maintenance, not only to keep the nails beautiful, but it is also necessary to avoid the entry of bacteria between the gel nail and the natural one and not risk possible infections.

common questions about gel nails

2- Does the use of gel nails damage natural nails?

When UV gel is placed on natural nails, the top layer of the latter is certainly weakened, since a light filing process must be carried out to allow proper adhesion.

But, this damage is really very superficial. In reality, the true deterioration will depend more on the hygiene of the materials used, the quality of the products, the frequency of maintenance and the correct placement or removal of the gel nails (without any pain). If you respect these points, you don’t run any kind of risks .

3- Is it necessary to stop the filling process sometimes to let the nails breathe?

This is something many people believe, but the truth is that your nails don’t breathe and they don’t need to. Natural nails are made of keratin, just like hair, and just as it is possible to put hair dyes one after another, nails can also resist this treatment constantly. You must choose a reliable service and products and you must take care and maintain them regularly.

4- Is it normal for my natural nails to soften and thin?

It is totally normal. You will realize that when removing gel nails, your natural nails will be very soft and weak and that is because when you coat them with UV gel, the latter increases the humidity rate by 80%.

It is necessary that you proceed to a hardening treatment for approximately a month and a half after having removed the gel nails and thus your natural nails will regain their natural thickness. Remember that if before opting for this aesthetic treatment your natural nails already had a problem, you will find them exactly as at the beginning after using the gel nails.

5- Am I at risk of infection?

It is clear that the risk is zero or does not exist. That is why to avoid the possibility of infections as much as possible, a very strict hygiene protocol mentioned below must be followed during the gel nail placement process:

  • Handwashing,
  • Apply antibacterial gels
  • Disinfect for each layer of gel applied.
  • Likewise, the materials must be clean after each client is finished.

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