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Criolip: rejuvenation treatment for fine, dry and aged lips

I constantly changing ambient temperatures causes suffering to the skin and much more delicate areas where the dermis is thinner as the lips. With cold or heat, cracked lips, dry to extremely slowly and gradually lose volume and definition, much more if it’s a person no longer has the same firmness of youth on his lips. To combat this problem there are creams and balms but are not sufficient as a permanent measure. Therefore new aesthetic dermal treatments ranging thoroughly arise leave rejuvenated lips.

The passage of time is the enemy of the skin and so are extreme, so common and changing temperatures. The parties who suffer most are deteriorating in the face, where the skin is thinner and therefore more permeable to the drought that hurt. This happens a lot on the lips sometimes fail to fully recover and eventually lose their volume and definition to be very thin.

To replace the lost volume in fine or atrophied lips are corrected by infiltrating a higher crosslinking hyaluronic acid deposited under deep buccal mucosa

To solve this problem many women suffering has advanced techniques like Criolip, a cosmetic medical procedure combining cryogenics and hyaluronic acid to repair the lips that need to be rejuvenated.

The oral region as well as all other areas of the face skin suffers thinning, loss of muscular support, bone atrophy and altered collagen. All this is natural, as the years pass result in a deterioration of the lips. This sensitive area contains very little melanin, which lacks any defense against solar radiation and as no sweat glands in the labial epithelium, usually the lips dry out and crack easily.

The aging lip begins to look when it is not possible to repair this area by way of creams.

Signs of aging lip

  • Very dry lips that require constant hydration
    Wounds on the product lips from dryness
    Chapped lips permanently. This happens a lot in menopause.
    Poorly defined lips with small wrinkles in the profile.
    Very thin lips or atrophied

Treatment Criolip
There is a way to treat your lips to hydrate, refresh define and very lasting results that restore normalcy and harmony in this area.

The Criolip technique is performed in two phases:

1. Cryogenic : On the vermilion chloroethyl sprayed aerosol, a substance that is traditionally used in medicine before minor procedures and sports medicine. Has an immediate effect of intense cooling that stimulates blood circulation in the area and thus improves the appearance of the lips. This cooling also aims to combat inflammation in the next phase.

2. Infiltration: to moisturize chapped lips or dry, with or without cracks and skins, hyaluronic acid is deposited beneath the mucosa to restore water balance is used, returning the smoothness and shine to the lips. If what is required is to define lips, retrotrazado acid technique is applied, using a thin needle into the labial profile. In some cases it is sufficient infiltration into the cupid’s bow for a defined optical effect and projected lip, without intervention the rest of the mouth. To replace the lost volume in fine or atrophied lips are corrected by infiltrating a higher crosslinking hyaluronic acid deposited under deep buccal mucosa. The goal is to replace lost volume or increase the labial body.

This infiltration of hyaluronic acid on the lips is performed by a medical professional and is completely customized, depending on the specific needs of each person. In just one 30-minute session, which does not involve any discomfort and needs no recovery can be returned to his lips healthy and improved appearance that looks completely natural and is long lasting.

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