The swimsuit is the essential piece in any handbag for this summer

Best Secret Tips for caring your favorite swimsuit

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThis summer holiday season is now open and be wherever we hold heat is key to always have the swimsuit. They come in all types, price and style, but overall its components are always the same. Its fabric is a fiber stretching, resists and stays well despite the way we treat heat, chlorine, salt, sunscreens, etc. The swimsuit is the essential piece in any handbag for this summer. If we put so much effort into choosing one that left...

women bathing suits trend for summer 2012

Swimwear and women bathing suits for Spring Summer 2012

Share Here…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThis year, not suppress it the wow factor in the search for new bathing suits for women and swim suit; you are fabulous pieces that reveal your curves and both are original and very chic, no doubt that this season will be yours. But that’s not all, designers also proposed other creative designs much more subtle and not so revealing for women who prefer to leave something more to the imagination. As every year, coming hot season begins the...