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Ecological and natural shampoo with baking soda

The choice of products for washing and conditioning the hair is not easy. Some products contribute to ruin our resecándolo hair, causing dandruff, allergy or helping to increase the oiliness of the scalp, sometimes even combined suffer consequences. These problems occur because the shampoos contain some harmful to our skin chemicals such as parabens, PPG-15, PEG-4, PEG-200 and some 10 more.

In this note we tell you how to wash and splendid leave your hair with baking soda , a natural ingredient, organic, healthy for the planet and for your health.

The only point against it is that the application of soda is not as easy as shampoo. Also it is relatively simple

Some time ago I read an article about fashion not poo (no shampoo) where told about this recipe. Really I did not put into practice because the note stated that the process of transition to clean oily scalp dirty and would last about six months. Nothing could be further from the truth. One day, after two days of washing my hair with conventional shampoo I ventured to experiment. My hair was greasy and dirty and, as usual, two days after it has been cleaned.

Differences and results: Shampoo Baking Vs.
Price : Baking soda is on average 50% cheaper.

Ecological : Baking soda has no ingredient that same. The shampoo contains about 15 ingredients including counting with palmitic acid, oil extracted in the felling of palm trees.

Healthy : Shampoo contains stabilizers, perfume, parabens and other chemicals that generate imbalance in the skin of your scalp . After a week of use you will notice the comfortable skin, hair smoother and much cleaner than using shampoo.

Cutest hair : The Best of washing soda and surprise are the good results. Hair is clean, free of oiliness, shiny and smooth . With shampoo is sometimes dry and frizzy. So if you are looking for beauty for your hair here you are.

Application mode to wash the hair with baking soda
The only point against it is that the application of soda is not as easy as shampoo. Also it is relatively simple.

Prepared in a container that facilitates three teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate application of warm water sufficient to form a creamy texture.
Preparation distributed evenly on the head.
Massage as like you’re washing your hair with shampoo.
Rinse well in warm water.
Apply conditioner or a solution of apple cider vinegar and water in the long hair for easy styling and give softness and moisture.
I hope to have excellent results as obtained. For any questions comments leave your query.

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