Eyebrows how to grow faster

Eyebrows how to grow faster

The latest trend in fashion is natural eyebrows, populated and thick very different from what they took years ago that were thin and often almost imperceptible.

Because of the hair many women noted that their eyebrows stopped growing and lost its natural form, something not nice and flattering to the face. Here are some tricks to make your eyebrows grow faster and bring back original shape.

Eyebrows how to grow faster

Why eyebrows stop growing?

Growth eyebrow hair varies from person to person and depends on several factors such as:

The way it has been deleted: if the eyebrows have been uprooted, it need a maximum of 64 days to grow back to full capacity.

Diet and age: when the food is deficient whole body with age and recent growth and hair quality will surely change.

Weather conditions for the growth of eyebrow hair is faster in winter than in summer.

On the other hand, if you have lost hair due to illness or use of certain medications, it can take much longer for the eyebrows grow back. Fortunately there are products and homemade tricks to stimulate the production of hair on the eyebrows promoting hair growth and development for long-awaited and very thick eyebrows.


How to get more populated and thick eyebrows

You can use products for the growth of eyebrows such as hair growth accelerators that produce results very soon after use.

Some brands are Librow, (the same firm that makes LiLash for eyelash growth) this has a good balance of vitamins, creams, moisturizers and protein to help grow eyebrow hair.

It takes effect at 4 weeks of use and eyebrows get shape 8 to 12 weeks.

There are products in the market for the growth of eyebrow hair, which restores existing hair follicles so that hair look healthier. The effects seen at 28 days and required a second application daily, morning and evening, once achieved the desired result we must continue using it once a day as maintenance.


Home tricks for growth of the eyebrows

Like the hair of the head, the eyebrows also need good irrigation to grow, so it is desirable that massage the area gently several times a day.

The castor oil or coconut oil help grow eyebrows, their effects are seen after one month of continuous use. To take advantage of its properties you can massage the eyebrows and the surrounding area with the chosen oil for five minutes several times a day.