One of the best-known textures is powder eye shadow
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Eyeshadow Textures: Which One Do I Choose?

Many times when putting on makeup, doubts arise about which products to choose from the wide variety that is inside, even from the same brand. This is the case of eye shadows in which you can find not only a wide range of colors, but also textures . With each of them, different makeup results are achieved , which should be known to make a good choice and be radiant. And it is that each texture, a type of skin suits you.

One of the best-known textures is powder eye shadow

One of the best-known textures is powder eye shadow . This texture is one of the most volatile because it does not have as much fixation as another. However, among the most positive aspects, is the fact that they are ideal for light and more natural makeup .

Eye shadows can also be found in cream . Normally, this texture generates a certain confusion because they tend to think that they are like creams, but they are not. Actually, they are shadows also have finished in powder , although they have more than the previous fixing.

This type of shadows also has the advantage that they are very easy to apply. It could even be said that they are the simplest , since it is possible to spread them with your fingers without any difficulty.

And of course, you have to talk about liquid shadows . These are characterized by providing a glossy or satin tone . The positive side is that their fixation is very high . On the contrary, they are not recommended when you have oily eyelids.

And, finally, there are the shadows in pencil format , which are sometimes confused with an eyeliner, but it is not the same. This type of cosmetic differs from the rest by offering a very melting and long-lasting result . In fact, they tend to be, perhaps, the ones that last the longest.

In its favor is also the easy application because it is like using an eyeliner and then it can be smudged . In addition, they are a good choice when you are in a hurry , you do not have a lot of time to apply makeup, or you have little practice in makeup or use of shadows.

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