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Fashion and style after age 50

Each stage of life has a style that is more suitable and dress according to the age is the best way to bring dignity. This does not mean that you can not cover you or follow fashion trends, but you must use the experience to know how to choose clothes with taste and style.
Here we give you some tips to make the clothes that women feel better after age 50.

Fashion and style after age 50

At this stage of lives you should wear discreetly. Elegance and simplicity are the key words. Opt for neutral colors, simple shapes and volumes is the safest option, but do not stop completely beside the colors, but avoid very loud.

Know choose them according to your skin tone and especially to combine. Mixing dark and light colors helps to balance the silhouette. After 50 is normal not so well preserve the figure and especially that some parts of your body look thicker than others (bust, arms, hips, etc..). Use lighter colors on the body less bulky and dark in the more voluptuous.

Look for a gala or night, dresses with good fall and cut look good at any age. It is convenient to use models too-fitting neckline or abuse. A dress draped wrap and is a solution for creating curves and look feminine. If you want that extra touch of sensuality, a good idea is to use a blouse with transparency, especially in black, on top or dress.
Fashion and style after age 50
No need to follow all the fashion trends, it is better to buy a few clothes and quality, it will last you years, so you can spend a little more money and choosing clothes brand. Choose only what you like. If you are honest, the fashions are designed, in general, for girls 20 to 30 years. Pay attention to special collections for older women, you can get many ideas. Many designers have incorporated in larger sizes fashion with sleek and modern for a more mature taste. You can adapt clothes combining them with other basic modern.

As for shoes and accessories, you should follow more or less the same rules: do not give up the glamorous or fun, but retains the good taste. If you do not want to leave out the heels, you can continue using them, but not with short skirts. Accessories must be discreet, fashionable and according to the occasion. Invest in jewelry, this is the best age is when to use them because they look better.

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