The body seems formless, and instead has to be endowed with sensual curves
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Fashion tricks to look thinner

Look more thin usually means losing a few kilos, but while you diet to achieve the desired weight you can make use of various beauty tips that will help you see more skinny and thus also encourage your desire to get fit.

The body seems formless, and instead has to be endowed with sensual curves

Practice better posture

Poor posture makes even a flat belly bulging and prominent display. The best way to stand up for your silhouette look good is imitating the posture of a sergeant with the back straight and shoulders back, so you minimize contract the abdomen and stomach possible.

Add height

At higher altitudes, visually slims the silhouette. Need not to wear unmanageable and super high heels, you can use the measure with which you move more comfortable as even a slight heel makes Stilicho long legs.

Draws attention to your best parts

If you want people do not notice the areas of your body where it accumulates more greasers ideally highlights the one you like. For example if you want to hide the thighs or waist dresses so the focus looks up.

In this case use interesting necklines (V-shaped, heart, etc.) Models and choose clothes that emphasize everything you see above the waist. The earrings and necklaces of colors also call attention to a pretty face.

Find the right fit

People tend to think that a dress or a loose shirt help hide some extra kilos, but often this type of clothing makes you look bigger than you really are.

Clothing that is too large tends to make the person look wider because nobody can see what’s underneath. The body seems formless, and instead has to be endowed with sensual curves.

So I encourage to dress your size not more hiding your forms, this does not mean falling in tight clothes, but well tailored measures to model your silhouette without deforming.

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