Featured Accessories for Summer Fashion

The heat is already present in this part of the world and so it is time that all women are supplied with the accessories necessary for this season and look gorgeous every time you go on the street. From hats to shoes, pay attention to the list of accessories that I have prepared for you today and then go shopping having things clear.

Choose scarves spacious, bright and floral prints

Summer Scarf
Strangely not? But yes, they are fantastic. Choose scarves spacious, bright and floral prints because they give an excellent touch on almost all users. These are fabulous with denim shorts with a plain white shirt and a pair of wedge sandals, the perfect look for summer style look effortless.

Straw Bags
When talking about straw handbags one thinks first of shorebirds bags, but not always so. There are plenty of straw bags that can be carried at all times and are very chic, be encouraged to use these accessories for a night out as well to make purchases, you will see bright, stylish and ready for anything.

There are plenty of straw bags that can be carried at all times and are very chic

XXL Bracelets
Many bracelets are beautiful, but also looks good on a maxi bracelet colors to match your outfit or accessories that you have chosen to take.

Inevitable, not only because they are fabulous, but because they also protect your eyes from the sun. Do not limit yourself to the classic black glasses, be encouraged to bring other colors and always large, because this design feel fabulous with all computers.

Sunglasses also protect your eyes from the sun

Wooden wedge shoes
They are the must of the season, are very very high and in a variety of colors to suit all tastes. Platforms and high heels are hyper largest word in fashion for summer 2012/13.

Necklaces with geometric
The necklaces with geometric shapes take a lot this summer, in the picture you can see a pyramid shaped pendant mint green that gives an almost perfect boho-chic this season.
The goal is to get a look fun, flirty and design vintage inspired.

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