Fendi Launched 2014 Resort Collection

The collection Fendi 2014 resort unfolds in magnificent dresses

The new collection of Fendi 2014 resort offers a lot of options which undoubtedly will make the woman who leads immediately become the center of attention. The new line impresses who admire the great craftsmanship involved, both in their casual ensembles like the elegant.

Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini for Fendi has designed a modern and elaborate collection for spring of next year. The line is characterized by a large number of abstract designs and bright colors beautifully combined.

As you can see the fashion trend which stipulates definite proportions and geometric patterns continue into next year, so if you are thinking about buying some clothes with these features, do not hesitate for a second.

The collection Fendi 2014 resort unfolds in magnificent dresses

The collection Fendi 2014 resort unfolds in magnificent dresses but reinvented classic trousers, coats elegant with a subtle masculine touch and a lot of accessories to complete the fabulous look.

Furthermore, the iconic Fendi logo, the “F” also can be seen in some of the line items. The designs are varied and for all tastes, this coming year we will have the opportunity to choose from outfits with versatile tones and alternatives conservative to colorful, bold yet refined style.

Within the collection Fendi 2014 resort so striking, besides the geometric patterns are mink coats. Other examples are more lustful alternatives in accessories that were created with the same pragmatic and smarter than the rest of the clothes.

In short printed zigzag the splashes of color but with absolute class and eclectic accessories make this new collection of Fendi one of the best sources of inspiration for a charming and elegant look next season.