Foods that damage the hair and impose hair loss

hormone can contribute to the reduction of hair follicles

The hair damage can not only be due to chemical or ill-treatment products, there are foods that also have a negative effect on the hair fiber and now teach you what they are.

Sugary foods

Foods with a high sugar content can have a negative impact on the hair.
When too many sweets are eaten, blood sugar rises quickly and the body’s natural response is not only to produce more insulin, but androgen levels also rise. This hormone can contribute to the reduction of hair follicles, leading to hair loss.
hormone can contribute to the reduction of hair follicles

Mercury in fish

Due to environmental pollution, the fish tend to have higher levels of mercury in their system, passing to humans when consumed.
High levels of mercury can contribute to hair loss in men and women, so it is advisable to avoid eat swordfish, tuna and mackerel, and especially fish such as sushi.

Salty foods

Eating too much sodium can lead to many health problems, and also leads to dehydration.
When the body is dehydrated, the organs and hair suffer, therefore we must try to eat the right amount of liquid and reduce salt intake .

Excess protein

The hair is made ??of protein, so eat an adequate amount of them it is essential for the health of the hair.
But the low-carb diets that consist of too many animal proteins can lead to a buildup of uric acid, and this in concentrations You can generate a considerable fall hair.

Foods with excessive vitamin A

A high level of vitamin A in the body can also cause hair loss. It is unlikely to happen when you have a balanced diet, but be careful with foods that are fortified with it.

Foods with high glycemic index

Foods with a high glycemic index turn into sugar quickly, and have the same effect as estrogen levels rise.

Artificial Sweeteners

The hair is not protected by substituting sugar with artificial sweeteners, especially those with aspartame.
This compound can generate hair loss and so weakens.


Foods high in fat can contribute to increased production of sebum in the scalp, something harmful for those with oily hair.

Carbonated drinks

Whether common or light version, one way or another damage the hair, and are very negative for dry hair.
It is best to avoid these empty calories, artificial flavors and colors, health and beauty.

French fries

They are tasty but they are full of salt and fat, fried foods also give skin problems and lead to damage to the hair follicle.