Color in accessories: the best handbags in trendy colors

Color fashion the best handbags in trendy colors

This spring has just begun, the color is the protagonist of all the windows of fashion and what better way to incorporate them into your look through the bags and/or purses fashion of all kinds.

This is a classic bag that gets old, only this time you see it in a very flattering reddish furious with clothes of various colors, nude and in either black, white, blue, yellow, etc..
This unique bag is made from recycled seatbelts, so in addition to providing color to the outfit is also favorable for the environment.

Yellow is one of the colors that are born in this season, this bag is a divine and raised texture that has a detachable strap that can be done in more than one way.

The apple green fluorine is undoubtedly another wildcard season and nothing better to take on this awesome cracked leather wallet with a buckle on the front, which gives it that unique touch.

2012 handbags fashions in trendy colors

The pastel colors are also trend for spring summer 2012/13 so these pretty purses are an example of an accessory that should not miss in the closet. Besides color, are also versatile in terms of design and perforated leather because they are casual and elegant at the same time depending on how you take them.

The chamois is another banner season, and more if it’s a bright color like this electric blue tone bag shape and perfect size for a night out.

This mini wallet bright violet leather is simply beautiful and ideal for showing off in any field. You can not have a favorite among your accessories.