Homemade mask to clean skin
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Homemade mask to clean skin

The skin requires more than soap and water to be completely free of impurities, and although every day you can not give all the required care; it is important to do it at least once a week, to look always in good shape. To avoid Dehydration is the preamble of wrinkles and look good.

Homemade mask to clean skin

This homemade mask helps the skin thorough cleaning that fail even the most expensive cosmetics just because you know that natural work better for the delicate skin of the skin. To prepare just mix in a bowl, an egg white and a little lemon juice, preferably ripe because the unripe lemon contains too much acid that can irritate some skin types.

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After making the mixture and cream is applied over the skin, and allowed to stand for half an hour, after which time the dried specks cotton face to end washing with cold water at room temperature. Once a week will make the skin look great and do not have to worry about blackheads and pimples.

It is very important to make this mask at night and never during the day, and that residues of lemon could be naturally on the skin in the sun stain the skin, so it is better to wear at night so that the skin can be adequately cleaned, wash and not exposed to sunlight until after a night of sleep.

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