Homemade recipe for face moisturizing spray

For dry skin, use a power spray on makeup hydration is essential. Although you can get many varieties of this product on the market, all have the same ingredients as homemade.

In this post I show how to spray moisturizer that also helps you keep the makeup for much longer without the skin look tight or wrinkled.
This spray you can use for the face as well to moisten the makeup brushes

Materials needed

A spray bottle with empty and clean
A spoon
3 tablespoons of purified water or used bottled water, distilled or filtered water.
1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin
A funnel
1 tablespoon witch hazel or a few drops of essential oil of choice

Step by Step

Place a tablespoon of glycerin in a jar. This measure can be adjusted according to your skin, if too dry add more and if something fat, less.
You can also replace the aloe vera plant glycerine, but be aware that on completion of the consistency may be a little different.

Next add 3 tablespoons of purified water and mix well until both compounds were homogenized.

Now it’s time to add the tablespoon of witch hazel and / or essential oil you want. Note that witch hazel has astringent and soothing properties.
Mix well to combine.

Place the preparation in the spray bottle and used daily. You can double the amounts if you want to make a more abundant preparation, but keep in mind that if you use aloe vera, product life will be much lower, so in that case it is better to prepare it to be used quickly.

This spray you can use for the face as well to moisten the makeup brushes and applying wet if you need more intense pigments or a defined makeup shades.
Apply two or three sprays to the face after scattered makeup, but careful not to hold bottle too close to the face, because the idea is to moisten subtly and not wet the skin.

Try to keep the spray in the fridge if you want to provide an extra fresh feeling.
If you have very oily skin, spray with glycerin not help you because it will increase the oiliness of the skin. In that case it is imperative that make with aloe vera gel.