How to choose comfortable shoes

The good quality shoes have excellent cushioning

The shoes that you are not comfortable, plus make your feet hurt when you use them for many hours, can also cause a lot of long term problems such as posture problems and even diseases of the nerves in the feet.

In this post I show you how you have to do to choose comfortable shoes without having to suffer when you are using, nor expose future foot complications.

Choose the best time for shopping

For shopping you can go at any time of day, but if you buy shoes you have to go right in the key moments. In the morning the feet are rested and you can even buy shoes that are narrow for you, without realizing it.

It is the best to go in the afternoon, when your feet are tired and even a little bloated, this way you make sure that the shoes you buy do not tighten when use for long time.

The right size

The correct size of shoe is one that does not allow your foot to move within it, but it gives you enough to make you feel nice and not crowded space.

The good quality shoes have excellent cushioning

Consider the width, not only the long

The secret of how to choose comfortable shoes when it comes to length the shoe leave as wide as your thumb between the toe and the front of the same space.

No specific rules with respect to the width but be aware that it is also a big problem. If the shoes are a little tight on the sides, you can go to the shoemaker to the widening slightly.

Round Toe Shoes

If you just love the pointy shoes, which will be much more difficult to find comfortable shoes as this type of shoe tends to be quite uncomfortable in the toe area.

Shoes with round toe are always easier to carry. You can try to switch between the use of pointed shoes with round toe and foot rest a little.

Use your new purchases

Always wear shoes you bought, before you wear them in the event you want. Ideally use them at home for a whole day, first 15 minutes, then 30, then an hour, with long pauses between sunset and sunset.


The good quality shoes have excellent cushioning, but if the chosen few do not, you can add it to a template. This accessory makes the shoe more comfortable and prevents sore right foot.