During the day choose a bag capacious to contain everything you need to get through the day without a hitch
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How to choose the right handbags for every Women

A bag contains discretion with all the feminine: tricks, mobile phone, keys, and all that is needed during the long working day or not. Large, small, classic shoulder bag, super shiny. There are many bags that a woman can find on the market and so are the many possibilities of error in the combinations. In this guide we will try to give you the right advice to choose the right bag for every occasion.

During the day choose a bag capacious to contain everything you need to get through the day without a hitch

For the day, choose n capacious bag to contain everything you need to get through the day without a hitch: it is the maxi bag so that you can easily hold a pair of spare shoes. Choose a soft bag and one shoulder like the “hobo” if you are tall and thin (emphasize your silhouette), while if you’re in stature and slight build opt for a model with short handles and shoulder strap to avoid appearing without even lower. If you are a damned business can choose to wear a messenger, more spacious and roomy, but more suitable to keep in perfect order documents, notebooks, pens, etc.

If you are strong women and a little overweight, during the day you opt for an elongated and rectangular shopper bag, this case is too small it would only highlight your physicality. With regard to the colors, there are always many the possibility that from time to time the fashion offers us. For your big day bag it is advised to stay on neutral tones so you can easily match all types (and colors) of clothing.

For the evening however the situation is different: the bags are smaller and are illuminated with thousands of rhinestones and gold or silver details and empty of all objects of the everyday to contain only the bare essentials for a romantic dinner or a night at the club, such as lipstick powder and documents. Opt for the clutch to carry by hand or at most with mini chain shoulder straps: the important thing is that it is precisely the bag accessory clue of the evening, so the imperative is to “impress”.

If, despite all the evening you can not give up to bring with you all your thousand objects, fashion comes to you proposing the maxi-clutch bags, flat bags but ample to always carry by hand or under arm.

Finally we talk about the dilemma “pairing”. As many of you well know, it is no longer a must have shoes, bags and belts in perfect coordination, but you can detach, colors and styles, to create an outfit more special and customized. The important thing is always to rely on common sense: wear red shoes with white polka dots, green bag and yellow dress with rosettes, is still “criminal offense” in fashion!

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