How to combine Fluo colors in your wardrobe?

How to combine Fluo colors in your wardrobe

The neon shades or fluo begin to surround all the shop windows of the imminent arrival of summer. Mainly yellow and pink (in all shades) are the most pastel or strong range. They are very trendy and bold colors, but often combine in outfits for work, weekend or evening at a party.
How to combine Fluo colors in your wardrobe

In the following lines we intend to give a series of tips on how to use neon colors in clothing, as mix and match to look very chic with what is being used.

Basic Combination
When choosing a colored garment it is important to see to be used either to enhance or to switch off the tone if needed.
Thus, the black acts as a great ally if it is a look up e.g. for the night, which tends to give a more sophisticated to dress. The color is going to look much more by the contrast with the black makes (in bag, purse or shoes) and so it is best not to mix with many prints. Better opt for full tones.

How to combine Fluo colors in your wardrobe

With white or beige, the opposite happens, the tone is much neon, but softened, ideal for daytime wear or outdoor events because they feel very fresh. The beige, is best placed if it is combined with a more pastel flĂșo because it becomes softer still. Likewise does the gray but giving it a more informal.

With Jean, it is ideal for younger and bring something more daring and even allowed to play with broken styles, snow or batik fabrics are denim that both come to the season.

Neon is also seen in the designs: floral, stripes, polka dots, ethnic and drawings. Here the color takes center stage along with the drawing and is therefore always advisable to take it with plain clothes not see the look so overloaded.

How to combine Fluo colors in your wardrobe

For those who still do not dare to so strident colors, it is the best to start with a one area to highlight, such as the feet with a nice pair of shoes (round toe stilettos and platforms that are a must in the summer) and to body a dress, relaxed jeans and other clothing. This will give importance and attention on your feet.
Similarly works with a handkerchief or wallet to take small splashes of color fluo without this being the most important of the look. Rather accompanied by an original way the outfit.

Hands and accessories
A little more adaptable to any age, are the watches, necklaces and bracelets that come in every shade imaginable to put some color. No need to combine specifically with clothing, but are rather to highlight and give a twist.
Similarly, the nails can be carried in coral, yellow, orange, fuchsia or turquoise, green and purple neon touch to put the hands. Here if the tone is very strong, it is best reserved for a night, which highlighted without being so exaggerated.

How to combine Fluo colors in your wardrobe

Strident tones also reach swimsuits that take both pictures and smooth. They can also be combined with other full color (white, black) to not be as flashy or even each other for a shocking look total. For who does not dare so much, in bags, mini-dresses or sarongs will be also pictures with touches of color fluor, mainly yellow and aquamarine.

Neon tones and look at all kinds of garments, are fun and very bold yet fit any age and style. More rocker, sophisticated, glam, hippie chic or natural, are finding shades and combinations to suit all wardrobes.