How To Dress And Makeup To Look Bigger

the advice is to choose the model very feminine, such as sheath dresses or skirts

Very often the age is one of the first problems that grips the girls and women. Everything is done, when you reach a certain age, to appear younger than she really is. But many times the woman needs to demonstrate the true years she has, if not even look bigger. In fact appear too young not only produces benefits, or rather, it is an advantage from the aesthetic point of view, but from the point of view of social relations and labor it is an obstacle. The young age proved not allow it to be taken seriously enough and inspires little confidence. To solve this problem you have to take a little tricks on the dress and makeup, you have to equip themselves with good will, good taste and a bit of commitment.

the advice is to choose the model very feminine, such as sheath dresses or skirts

To appear older with a few more years, you must pay close attention to the way of dressing. Everything revolves around the principle that the color makes it younger than the quieter shade. Therefore opt for the color on the shades of gray, brown, beige, black, and dressed in plain colors, colors of the most serious, if you really can not do without the colors, which give a touch of fashion to look, you can use the color only turned on for the details of your clothing, in the sense that you are allowed to use jackets or colored pants, rather use the colors for accessories such as bags, belts, bracelets, or you can dare, to cheer up a bit your outfit, wearing, for example, a beautiful shoe in contrast to the shades of the dress. Continuing to talk about the shoes, it is always best to choose the beautiful high-heeled shoes at the expense of dancers who make the effect “child”, also if you like the boots, it is best to choose toed boots instead of those round toe.

If you like skirts, the advice is to choose the model very feminine, such as sheath dresses or skirts, however, straight cut, thus avoiding many skirts with ruffles, flounces, pleats or volume because, although they are fashionable, make the style much more youthful and “girlish”. If you are lucky and have a job, for the office, we recommend using classic fabrics or a nice suit with a jacket and shirt, these clothes help a lot to earn a few years instead of t-shirts or jeans.

Using Makeup to look Older

If you usually do not use makeup, you can start with a little of mascara and lip gloss. You must remember that light colors rejuvenate, while the darker ones give an impression a little older. For an adult look, draw a dark line close to the lashes on the upper eyelids or even below, and use a dark eyeshadow. For the day make-up do not necessarily have to resort to dark gray or black. In the morning already with an eye shadow is not too clear, in shades of beige for example, and that gives a matte effect, you get the desired result. To be avoided are shades of pink, which are too little girl. For the lips you can use any color except pink.

Even the hairstyle affects the factor age, in fact, the long hair are more characteristic of young girls, older women generally have a shorter cut and seriously, without fringes but usually with a tuft a bit climbed on one side if you do not have the slightest intention to cut your hair to look bigger you could make a vertical crease or at least wavy hair.

The important thing is that they are loose and not tied in pigtails or braids, if instead you can not help but bring her hair tied up, you can make a low ponytail or a bun, or use of clips large enough on the shades always dark colors, such as brown. What is important to remember that clothes do not make the Monaco try to fit even your character.