Without falling into excesses not seem like a dominatrix, try adding some leather to your look
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How to dress for first date?

Out for the first time with that person that you like is a very important event that generates nerves wholesale, but you must remain calm, because self-confidence is essential to conquer others mind! In this post I give you some ideas for you to see great in romantic dinner and dress for first date with that special person in your life.

An outfit that shows some skin

To look sexy you have to show some skin, not to exaggerate, but if a design that allows to choose the imagination of your partner fly.

Without falling into excesses not seem like a dominatrix, try adding some leather to your look

A dress with cutouts, a top with a skirt or pants high waist, without being gross, lets see enough without revealing everything. For example, if you have good bust, you can wear a garment with V-neck low cut, but combined with pants or skirt midi cut, not a super short miniskirt.

But if you want to show your legs, wearing a short skirt, but ensures that the bust is covered with a little revealing blouse. Everything is about balance, if you show one side, cover the other.

Do not wear lycra

Dress with a tight garment all is not the best choice if you want to look sexy, but not vulgar. Garments can be tight, but do not have to press your body.

An important detail is that not wear a garment that is a minor detail that you belong, it never looks good and will make you look slimmer, but quite the opposite.

Looking garments with good fall

Soft and elastic fabrics will flow on your figure and flattered your way. Try a dress fabric with these characteristics, possessing amplitude and is sufficiently light and ethereal as to mark your curves, while leaving to see some skin after light.

Some leather

Without falling into excesses not seem like a dominatrix, try adding some leather to your look. A leather jacket over a super feminine dress is a simple way to see attractive and modern. You can also try a short skirt and a blouse or with accessories and shoes.

A detail in animal print

Any print animal, like a scarf, a handbag or pair of shoes, is enough to get revving the tiger in you.


Shiny fabrics can be demure and simultaneously convey a seductive message. If dinner is night and then going to go dancing, choose this option in the skirt or blouse, or in shoes. Careful not seen entirely glosses because you look like a Christmas tree.

Attractive accessories

Suitable accessories make an outfit look attractive. Plays with the power of jewelry, handbags and shoes to improve your image and make you look much more sensual.

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