How to make a terse and firm lips

Having a terse lips is a sign of youth. One reason that more and more women worry that their mouth has that appearance. However, there are small gestures in everyday life that hinder achieving that goal. In addition, many of them occur unconscious. Which are? How to avoid them? What can you do to have a firmer and smooth lips? Here we tell all these keys.

Cosmetic is helpful for lips always look more healthy and well hydrated and therefore achieve these desired effects

Often it tends to remove makeup eyes or skin to remove traces of makeup and blush but lips are forgotten because they have no makeup or because the lip has been disappearing throughout the day and it seems that there are no remains. It is a very serious error.

This process is very important to remove any dirt and impurities and the balm lip, which should be applied before bedtime, may have more effect overnight. In this way, you get more restorative effect and lips are best kept hydrated and juicy.

In case there signs will appreciate peeling , it is best to perform an exfoliation soft. For this purpose, it can be used both for a specific exfoliating lips as that used for the rest of the face.

Its application to make it easier you can make it with the help of a brush teeth with soft bristles. In addition, do not rub too hard to prevent the lip cracking. And once this process is complete, put a remedial treatment intensive.

The wrinkles are another front to be attacked to have firmer and smooth lips. The gestures that are made throughout the day are a source of lines. A reason must be careful not to take tics or grimaces that emphasize more which are produced naturally by eating, talking, laughing …

To fix this , you can also make use of wrinkle creams, especially those specific to combat them in the mouth as the barcode. This will make the lips look more smoothed and therefore appear more defined and bulky.