How to recognize fake makeup?

Cardboard boxes are always completely black with no texture or brightness

Internet is a great sales channel for brands, specialty stores, resellers and scammers. We often see our favorite brands that offer very low prices and in collections with thousands of colors raising a suspicion here. Buying makeup online is not bad but we can bring a surprise to find that the product is just a Chinese imitation that has no security in their components, and quality we seek. Like being attentive to the fakes and what are the details that we intend to pay attention unveil in the following lines.

The world of fakes reaches all items, clothing, electronics, shoes and even makeup. They of course the most valuable brands and recognized that all we would have.

The most copied brands are Mac, Chanel and Bobbi Brown. At least as LancĂ´me, Benefit and Nars, but all are likely to have their Chinese versions. To avoid wasting money and fall into the trap there are certain details you need to know to compare and realize when they try to rip us off.

In MAC, data to see on all products:

The most imitated brand is MAC and so we provide these details that make us identify an original from a fake one.

  • Cardboard boxes are always completely black with no texture or brightness (except for some limited edition collection).
  • The bar code is under the blank box.
  • The name of the color comes in black with white lettering on the top of the box. It is printed, not embossed (the font is the same throughout the container).
  • Watching the container front, it opens to you, not backward.
  • In the product, the Mac logo, always printed on the carton and its respective content.
  • No product comes with applicator or brush or pencil sharpener.
  • Cardboard boxes are always completely black with no texture or brightness

  • The code in all products, is a letter and number. If it is not labeled with the name of the color, or tone + code letter and number is fake.
  • The masks come in black packaging with typography blank brand. No gold, no animal print, etc..
  • Watch out for special editions of Lady Gaga, Kitty, Wonder Woman, etc.. Editions are few products, few colors and have never mask.
  • Shadows have no mirror or applicator sponge. Except for limited edition palettes that if they mirror and small brush but never sponge.
  • The content of the shadow never touches the plastic rim of the container.
  • There are maximum 6 shadow palettes only in limited editions.
  • Not printed or embossed the word Mac in the powder.
  • The lipstick does not bring the word MAC engraved on the bar. The packaging is black bullet shaped with two MAC logos in silver.
  • No double lip or lip palettes
  • With pigments check the cover is matte black and contents for dosing. If not harsh on the skin, it is false.

Common points of all brands

Another important and perhaps the most misrepresented in all brands are the brushes.

important brands have not set large or small brushes rather sell them all separately in individual plastic wrappers. They have the brand and its number carved into the handle is wood, never plastic.

The content of the shadow never touches the plastic rim of the container.

Another indicator is its weight by taking them, you should have some weight.

Regarding the shadows, be wary when blades 12, 28 or even 80 with all shades. No possibility of assembling one professional in a store pallets (never more than 20) in a special container.


Consciously or unconsciously contribute to these sales is bad for our pockets and for our skin. There prohibited substances in cosmetics and heavy metals that have been in the makeup liquid, compact powder, mascara, eyeliner, blush and shadows. Unauthorized use can cause skin reactions and hence no one to complain to.

Tips for Buying

To not disappoint the brand that we bought when the quality does not meet promises unjustly, we must always buy at stores. There is no guarantee and refund for any problem.

  • Always try to buy at the official store, even the vendors will be best to advise on what best we have.
  • In a question of a product, it is best to go to the official website of the brand and look. There we will see if that tone corresponding to the collection or is part of a limited edition last.
  • The prestigious brand original products are not sold in stalls. If there is any stolen originally thought.
  • Official pages of the report marks about collections they have, in that places are sold, how is the packaging, etc..

The counterfeit market is huge and it is impossible to fight even for brands, but if an informed consumer this will be much more controlled. Do not be fooled by unauthorized products that eventually will go away. Mainly the price is the best indicator when it is too low it should be suspected.