How to shave your legs

the most economical and expeditious ways to shave your legs are the electric epilator and shaving with blades

There are several ways to shave your legs, surely the most economical and expeditious are the electric epilator and shaving with blades. Then there are those a bit more challenging or the waxing both cold and hot. Then you switch to the professional ones such as permanent hair removal. In this guide, we discusses how do you shave your legs.

You need:

  • Hot wax
  • Razor blade
  • Electric epilator

If you want to keep costs under control, then you have to rely on the use of a razor blade. Remember that to get a good result you should remove hairs after a shower, when the skin pores are still open. Unfortunately, this method has its drawbacks, such as the fact that hairs grow over which the strongest, but also in a very short time. It is very likely to have smooth legs you have to shave almost every day. Let us, however, discover a few tricks because the work is better.

Use a 3 blades razor and spread a little bit of shaving foam on the skin, do not annoy excessively. Never use soap, it ruin the blade. Matches from the ankles and arrive in one puff up to the knees and the knees come up to the thigh always against the grain. Never shave twice not to cause painful irritation.

Shave your legs with the hot wax

Among the various methods it is certainly the most valuable, the end result is the most enduring of all but unfortunately perhaps also the most painful. The wax that is used to shave must be heated to 40 °, so you have to be very careful not to burn the skin.

Once the product has been laid with the appropriate blade, you must take off with a rip, when it begins to cool. It goes without saying that should not be present nor bruises, nor cuts or wounds in general. Among the ingredients that compose the hot wax, there is always a part of wax, beeswax, which serves to protect the skin. This method absolutely not recommended for those suffering from varicose veins or capillaries and weak or sensitive skin.

Electric epilator

Unlike waxing this system is not invasive to the skin, less painful but the results are still great. The only drawback perhaps is that the initial expense, the cost is a little bit high.

Shaving the legs must always be carried out after the shower, so that the pores are very open.