How to use the perfume to attract a man

The scent even if you believe it or not, is an excellent tool to make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Some tricks in application, as well as choosing the right fragrance can help you become a real woman.

How to use the perfume to attract a man

Scientific studies have shown that fragrances have great powers of seduction and help ensure success in a hot date. The scent of a perfume can make a man go crazy, but the smell must be provided according to your personality.

Using fragrance as a weapon of seduction

Pay special attention to areas that you spray your favorite perfume on. Do not forget to put a few drops in hot spots of your body like the neck, collarbone, and the earlobes and the area under the chin.

The key is that you apply the perfume being naked for small droplets of fragrance also adhere to the rest of your body.
Apply the perfume on the fine points of the body and then proceeds to dress, but before leaving a small amount sprayed in the air and walk through this space to gently permeate the fragrance in your clothes.

The style can serve as an accessory in the royal declaration for your look, but do not forget to use it as a real magnet for kids smell. Used hair perfume with notes of vanilla, or spread a little of your usual perfume on your hair before you leave.

When you prepare for a date not forget to apply the perfume on the points you want to highlight. The neck is one of the most interesting to apply the perfume, and so it is the lower back (which is usually where the man rests his hand to hold) and the popliteal region of the knees.