Key ideas about male grooming

Key ideas about male grooming

Males have thrown himself to the cosmetic, a symbol of the new winds blowing around the concept of masculinity. What’s up with that man and the bear, the more ugly, more beautiful. In the early nineties men have begun to care and worry about its aesthetics, an aspect hitherto reserved for the women.

Some even go to the institutes of beauty and lend to small interventions to improve their appearance. The cosmetics industry has seen increasing demand for products that do not irritate male, cleanse and hydrate the face of men.

Key ideas about male grooming

It is considered that the man, whose skin has unique characteristics because of the beard, hormones and higher acidity, has carved a niche in the shelves of such stores with shaving creams, balms tonic and astringent aftershave and moisturizers.

Shaving is an attack that many practice daily. This ritual can destroy up to three layers of the epidermis, and the skin has only 24 hours to recover. Although the electric razor was a great invention, only 5% use it (did you know that every holy man spends three years of his life to shave?).

Variety and quality
Cosmetics: The first bursts into the world of men were the after-shaves. At first I left the face on fire as their basic ingredient was the spirit, a product that heals and refreshes. The sensitive, dry and grease suffered in flesh itself its terrible effects. Men today have a wide range of lotions, gels, balms and creams to soothe, soften and regenerate your skin.

These products are not greasy but absorb easily and face both the dry and the tension. Among the highlights soothing substances containing licorice, calendula and vitamin E. Repair agents are also added.

Among the latter protrude vitamin E protects cell membranes thanks to its antioxidant power, vitamin B5, which alleviates irritation, helps stimulate the healing and dermal maintain balance, and vitamin PP, H and F and elastin derivatives. In addition, there are also the recipe ingredients and anti-irritant antiseptic with aloe vera, allantoin oats and water.

Moisturising them
Parallel to these developments appeared male moisturizers. The sun, wind, cold and pollution no mercy with skin and ruin its freshness in both sexes, although the man is more resistant to external aggressions. The moisturizers act as a protective shield against environmental assaults and over time, retaining and preserving the delicate water sheath that covers our face.

In both its male and female line, containing the active current moisturizers are very similar in quality protective and anti- wrinkle. But men want for their own three basic requirements when incorporating them into his vanity: non-greasy and is absorbed quickly, and not be noticed that leave the skin supple.