Length skirts, the trend has been for 2014

key to wear a skirt to mid-calf

The mid-calf skirt trend is coming, and it stops being a typical garment grandmothers. But there is a reality, wearing these garments is not easy, so today I show you how I have to dress them for the next season you look great.

The shoes are all

The first key to wear a skirt to mid-calf is to use the right footwear. High heels are a great fashion tool prostrate marked calves and lengthen the legs, causing half of it to have a chic style. Find shoes with unique and funny styles if your skirt is a neutral color, and contrast CQAs, heels and solid color to match it.
Remember… the higher the heel, the better. The best designs to wear this garment are the stilettos, peep toe or boots.
Accentuate your style mid-calf skirts

The mid-calf skirts are sexy

The idea is that you know find accessories key to your look

sexy mid-calf skirts

Show off your curves

key to wear a skirt to mid-calf

Show off your curves

There are two types of skirts to mid-calf. Notched and elegant, loose, straight or pleated. Skirts to mid-calf are very chic with tailored high waist and tight shirts, pleated instead have a more informal so they can be combined with a top for example.

The mid-calf skirts are sexy

Many women believe that mid-calf skirts are boring and bland, but this need not be so. Browse models, bold and bright colors, animal prints, or prints of fashion.

Accentuate your style

If you want to look hot with a mid-calf skirt, highlighted with things that make you look sexy. For example small earrings give you a stylish look, while large bracelets make you look like a fashionista, and a large portfolio you striking out instantly.

The idea is that you know find accessories key to your look.

Have confidence

Regardless of what you choose to combine your mid-calf skirt, what you need most is confidence. If you wear that skirt but you feel like a grandmother, you’ll look it wearing this garment; But if you feel like a Hollywood doll, others really see you as a celebrity, elegant and chic.