Make-up secrets of Khol eyeliner pencil
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Make-up secrets of Khol eyeliner pencil

The Kohl pencil back to ancient times, thousands of years the Egyptians mixed a paste of lead sulfide from the mineral Galena crushed for use around the eyes as the typical image of Cleopatra we all know. Today the khol is a powder very black made from only natural ingredients. It is made with antimony and other products such as olive pits and herbs. Its most traditional version is powder within a decorated bottle with an applicator and usually bone, wood or metal, to take in the eye.
Make-up secrets of Khol eyeliner pencil
Its use at that time was not primarily aesthetic and cosmetic rather attributed to him the power to ward off evil spirits and prevent eye diseases. It was also used (and still is) as a kind of cure or prevent any inconvenience wind, sand and sun cause the eyes, especially in areas where it is commonly used cosmetic (North Africa, Middle East, India).
In India it is called kajal and women produce in their own homes to use them both as children and adults men. Kajal is also the name commonly given to dust when done in pasta, and often has a bar.
Make-up secrets of Khol eyeliner pencil
Use of Khol
It is a noble product that highlights the whiteness of the eyes whiles the embellished, and also protects them from external factors such as dust, sunlight or smoke.
For use outside the eye is a bit more cumbersome and staining and is usually run pretty easily. It is preferable only in the internal line.
As a dry powder, it must permeate water or special oil for use.
It is placed on the tear, the eye closes and slides all over the eyelid, following the shape of the eye.
It is recommended for beginners, apply before makeup because it is very easy to stain the skin with kohl.
If after application it shows a sense of cold, or even a mild itching is normal as can also be used to refresh the eyes.
To achieve a more intense look, apply to the inner end of the eyelid
To remove any lotion is enough make-up remover.

Different types in each brand
All cosmetics firms include kohl pencils among their eyeliner. Presentations and colors are different and even in some cases get waterproof. Here is a detail of what they offer in the market.
Crayon Khol Lancome: irresistible, ultra-resistant, smudger brush. Available in a range of bright colors, soft and very easy to apply for long-term outcome.
L’Oréal Khol Ore: highly concentrated powder pigments and pearl gives a bright, intense color. Its formula is enriched with minerals, Vitamin E and Aloe, also comes in four colors: gray, black, blue and brown.
Latex Khol Thierry Mugler: an elegant eye pencil on cream texture becomes eyeliner latex of almost millimeter. Available in black, purple and gray.
To achieve deep and sensual look of Arab women, nothing better than having to Khol that is natural and does not harm the eyes. Applied with great care and the help of brushes can create endless looks.

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