Manual use of neon colors in makeup and clothing

This season, the strongest trend in terms of fashion is that of neon colors. Thus, the tones played in the palette, fluo versions have won the first walkways and streets after the hand around the fashion of the 80s.

But surely it is a discrete unsafe bet, however, following some guidelines and can be the neon fashion without losing the elegance and without falling into vulgarity.

Therefore, the first basic advice to incorporate neon colors to wardrobe is to choose combined with neutral palettes: white, black, beige, nude are perfect with any of the neon, acid yellow, parrot green, fuchsia, orange energy, electric blue.

If your style is more classic, choose a set of basic pieces in neutral colors, and choose an accessory in bold colors, trying to make the design of the data simple lines.

As for makeup, you can replicate the color of the clothing – or to contrast with other fluo tone palette – in the shadows, nail polish and lipstick, but never all that at once: I chose the touch of color wherever you favors the face, and the rest appealed to a natural style.

Combining more than one of these acidic colors is a very bold bet you have to think very well, unless a striped or printed on a shirt or mini dress for a casual look or beach.

Manual use of neon colors in makeup and clothing

Unless you are a suntan, do not choose the neon too close to the face, but rather lead them to the bottom of the body.

For the same reason, do not apply these colors on the body areas you want to hide, for example: if you have wide hips or a large belly, use a neutral color in this area and neon tone in another, thus diverting visual attention where you want it.

Manual use of neon colors in makeup and clothing

Since this is a fad that revives the 80, the classic look with these colors is the maxi leggings and shirt.

In any case, wearing neon colors have to be minimalist in design, like the style of the set in which combinations. The touch is strong in color and not the clothing lines for this style.


With the neon is better to start small, rather than shopping one day and buy many items in the range: animate first touches of accessories and makeup, then started for a top, short skirt or basic, and finally gain trust when added to your wardrobe some things, but always taking care of very well dosed as current trend.