Nails trend of Spring Summer 2011-2012

Nails trend of Spring Summer 2011-2012

Spring Summer trend of nails is a mixture of styles in which anything goes, with a wide variety of tones, from the most shoking, metallic or matte and styles such as French or New Nail Art, everything is permitted and must be given free rein to the imagination. There’s something for everyone tastes.

Nails trend of Spring Summer 2011-2012

Besides the hit of the season are the short, square and very bright nails. In any color, carried in all chromatic harmonies, all the nuances and even the most daring fluorescent. Of course, never go into oblivion nude tones that remain timid among such explosion of color, and pastel, delicate finish.


There used to be able to combine clothing with nails accessories and now join the repertoire and can play with a multitude of finishes: red with jean, corals military green and golden with the whole safari.


Styles renewed

Nail Art: makes this technique very fun and trendy. As its name suggests, it is art on your nails and need not be a great expert to do it, you just need a good polish and your imagination. The designs range from appliqués with rhinestones, stripes, dots, leopard prints, lace and stickers with various drawings.


New French: The French manicure becomes renewed with different colors. Already in the latest collections of famous designers new forms appeared. The tip is simple: paint color you like the nail and the top of another (also in color!). For something more daring you can draw a crescent in the birth of the French nail manicure and make a double.


Nails trend of Spring Summer 2011-2012

Colors: This season comes with a variety of chlorine and styles to try. The matte shades are strong this year, as the gray, bronze, green, white and black. Of course, that red is still valid, tone cherry or coral.

On the other hand, black is no longer exclusive to the dark or gothic look but combined with any style is chic and sophisticated, combining well with any outfit.

For night, the metallic colors are very well, all mimicking the gold, silver and steel.

The green and blue are the colors of the season for excellence, do not hesitate to incorporate them into your nails in all shades.



What brands offer

Dior neon: Turn on your nails with the most effervescent harmonies. Dior offers two of the season’s colors, orange and fuchsia, in his hue more vibrant. Both feature a Top Coat to achieve extra brightness and longer life.



Opi: an ode to the pastel shades of the green, pinks and lavenders. In addition, an innovative new color layer formula “Shatter-Silver”, inspired by the graffiti art that leaves a cracked silver finish two textures when painting over any dry color.


Revlon Top Speed: a comprehensive collection that includes all possible tones. Mates, satin, gloss or matt are all the rage. Also dry quickly and its coverage is optimal.

In tastes and styles is nothing written, the season is free and ideal to choose which colors go with your personality. Let yourself be tempted by all the tones.