New smart diapers will allow you to monitor your baby’s activity

With the presence of technology, being a father in the last decade has become a bit easier. Many of the functions that were previously performed with greater difficulty – since practically 100% of them were manual -, they are now easier to carry out. From the new discoveries about the right supplements for feeding your baby to YouTube channels where they provide you with important information about parenting and care: there are a thousand options to learn.

New smart diapers will allow you to monitor your baby's activity
New smart diapers will allow you to monitor your baby’s activity

The special attention for the first years of life babies become, many times, the biggest concern of the parents. The investment is not only money, but also time. This is why the Pampers diaper brand, belonging to the Procter & Gamble company, has announced the launch of “smart diapers” to the market. This new product has generated a lot of expectation among new parents as it was reported that it will bring many benefits.

It turns out that smart diapers will have a built-in sensor, and will come equipped with a camera. Also, the images of these can be viewed from your cell phone through an app, which will be available for Iphone and Android. All this thanks to the union of Procter & Gamble with Verily, belonging to the Google group; and Logitech. These three companies have decided to bring together innovative technological equipment, computer knowledge and data analysis with recognized baby products.

The new line of diapers is called “Lumi“. The sensor will be attached to the diaper and will allow to know data such as the baby’s sleep frequency and if it is already wet and ready to be changed. The camera is of the Logitech brand and is a wonder. Thus, it will indicate to the mother the humidity of the environment and the temperature, in addition, it has a wide angle that records in high resolution, so that you do not miss anything. Finally, this device is connected via WiFi. All this information about the rest of your conceited, his activity and the state of the diaper can be reviewed through the mobile application.

Alejandra Flores of ZONAPADRES , questions this revolutionary invention. ”The American Pediatric Association recommended canceling the use of technology in the first two years of the baby’s life. Clearly, his argument was based on the radiations that any device radiates and on the vulnerability of the small organism. So, a good question that all parents should ask Pampers is, how have they achieved that a device embedded in a diaper does not cause any side effects? ”, He said.

On the other hand, the Verily company, which may also have access to all this information, has already received some complaints from activist groups who believe that such company should not have access to the baby’s privacy. It should be noted that Verily, since its creation in 2015, has focused its studies on the use of information related to health sciences. He is known to have worked in partnership with large pharmaceutical companies to carry out chemical tests.

In spite of the complaints and inconveniences that these groups of groups have been able to cause by the launching of this new intelligent diaper, Procter & Gamble plans to put it on sale as of next season in the United States. After the survey on the acceptance of this new product, Pampers is more convinced that “Lumi” will be a success, since it has generated expectation in its target audience.

Every parent always wants to be aware of their baby’s development. From the first moment, doctor’s appointments are frequent to know their evolution inside the belly. Apparently, smart diapers will be a technological gateway to all the new products that are to come, to facilitate contact with the baby through constant monitoring or to have approximate data on their activities and requirements, from anywhere.