Night Makeup with metallic shades: tips and techniques

The Best Ways to Wear Metallic Makeup Look Now: Metallic Eyes: Makeup

The intense makeup with metallic look increasingly is becoming a major trend. As this is such a striking style, keep in mind certain details that make the final result is expected.

In this post I show you the best tips and tricks for makeup with metallic shades , which will help you take advantage of any look. You will learn what colors you better feel to appropriately balance the eyes of the rest of the makeup is.

The Best Ways to Wear Metallic Makeup Look Now: Metallic Eyes: Makeup
Choose the right color

To know you is better, you have to experience, but following a few guidelines based on your skin tone and eyes. For example, the pink gold looks great on any skin tone, but the shadows of silver finish are more suitable for white skin. The gold and bronze are perfect for olive skin, and if it is a dark complexion, almost all are great.

Apply carefully

When it comes to the application, the key is trial and error. When you have time to experiment and see the result gives you use your fingers, esfuminos or brushes.
When you have found the right tool for you, remember that you must always start from the center of the eyelids and go to extremes.

The metallic makeup is always with mascara

This product not only accentuates the look, but gives greater definition to the eyes. It can be a volume mascara or extension, preferably in very dark black or brown.

Highlight key points

Even if the eye shadow is a lighter shade, you should always highlight the inner corner of the eyes to get a better finish. The detail in silver can be splendid if a fresh shade is used, but the ideal is to use a touch of white, regardless of the tone of the shade chosen.


When the metal shadow and mascara is used, the liner becomes unnecessary. But if you do not want to stop using outline ideally as close as possible to the lash line and make the line as thin as possible to prevent the makeup remains highly charged.

Do not forget the first

It is essential to use a first for makeup remains intact longer. Should not have one, it is better to opt for first apply a cream eye shadow in a nearby metallic tone.

Smoked Makeup

In the case of makeup with metallic shades, going by the smoky look it is recommended, while experimenting with different tones rather blurred.

Matt Base

The metallic makeup makes eyes are the focal point, so the rest of the face fades into the background.
The base has to have a matte finish, you can use a BB or CC cream and translucent powder to fix it.

Perfect Balance

If you excel much eyes with metallic shade, then the lips have to be more subtle.
But if you want a striking face, then go for eye makeup with a more subtle effect.