Repair summer hair after treatments and creams

Intensive service repair and hydration, working with silk extract repairing the hair from the inside

Summer ended and left indelible marks on your skin (with tan, but also dry) as in the hair, which probably rinsed, dried on end and the tips are broken and open. All of them suffering symptoms of abuse in swimming pools, the beach, salt water, chlorine, wind and other climatic factors. If the state of your hair is not the best, this is the time to act to restore its softness, shine and smoothness, but also must be prepared for cold and windy days of the new season.

Intensive service repair and hydration, working with silk extract repairing the hair from the inside

At least once a year you have to apply a shock therapy that will restore hair nutrition and hydration. The best without doubt is when summer is behind us and the hair is really in need of multiple products and treatments that revitalize. Some are more intense than others and should be done in the salon, but also can complement specific products to use at home daily.

The option of Professionals Care

Nowadays, new services are added to the extensive line of salons, all treatments to revitalize the color and nourish the hair from root to tip. The care and diagnosis will be customized with what hair needs and with real and immediate.

Layered hair with diamond dust

It is a service-based intensive diamond powder that seals hair cuticles ensuring durability tone, avoiding changes in hue and increasing shine. Create a color protection sheet providing more durability to it.

Thermal Hair Restoration

This hair restoration service for damaged hair ensures strengthening the hair fiber , retrieves the brightness and smoothness and renews youthful hair characteristics. Strengthens damaged hair over time.

Intense hydration

Used to dry and dehydrated hair. When the hair is dry, Spliced and break easily, you have to rehydrate and restructure in-depth to regain its natural flexibility and softness.

Gold Nutrition

Designed to protect and regenerate hair whether natural or treated. The hair suffers damage from pollution, weathering and thermal shocks that threaten their softness, shine and volume.

Color Protective Treatment

For Hair treated with different types of coloring hydration and care need to stay compact and structured so as to not lose their colors and brightness intensity.

Anti Aging Treatment

The mature hair due to external causes and physiological factors are more demanding, the hair fiber is impoverished and in need of a beauty treatment protective, restorative and targeted to reduce and mitigate the signs of time.

Hair repair products

If no time or desire to go through the salon, it is best to use the best products available on the market to rescue hair.