Sensational Jean skirt for day and night

The jean skirt is a basic in any wardrobe. The denim fabric with which these garments are made, is the one with the world’s most versatile texture and allows countless combinations with completely different styles.

How to Distress a Denim Skirt

The good jean skirts is that they are not specific to any season, they are used throughout the year and what varies is the footwear and clothing that takes over.

In this post I show you two ways to wear the same skirt jean to twice the same day, evening and night if you need a refreshed the look after work and go to an after office.

For example, for the day, a jean skirt frayed a little on the edge, it is very chic with a shirt patterned or striped top.

The secret to getting a good daytime look that easily fits night is on the basics and accessories. In the case I mentioned previously, stripes and denim are sufficiently fluid to be combined with other items such as blazers, necklaces or any other important piece of great mark.

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In the case of shoes, for the day it is best to go for something more casual and flat shoes (can be leather sandals). They can also be used based jute wedges or wood, or low or gladiators Chinese taco.

A handbag can not miss, this serves two purposes: style and functionality. In it you can store shoes and accessories you will use at night if you leave your house and do not time to return.

Try it in a tone that matches both shoes the day and at night you will use.

To adapt this look at night you can do it very easily, for example by adding a good jacket or stylish, color, flashy heels, accessories that match the dress and a good makeup blazer (the red lipstick are ideal for the image in two seconds).