world and the natural selfie comes the most controversial of all, the shoes
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Social networks set trends all the time. After selfie somewhere in the world and the natural selfie comes the most controversial of all, the shoes. Yes, it may seem ridiculous celebrities have become fashionable these portraits to show what they use, promote brands and foremost mark the pulse of fashion.

No one escapes this trend prevailed. His name is “shoefie” and comes from the word “shoe” and “selfie” self-portrait. Then it comes to take a picture of a worn shoes with the idea to show everyone what we use. Shoes are a fashion accessory that never goes unnoticed and therefore forms design and leading, some are even a small piece of wearable art. Well worth then give them their moment of fame.

world and the natural selfie comes the most controversial of all, the shoes

Models, actresses, designers and all celebritie that claims to be fashionable, it is at the forefront of this trend and not lose a minute to show the world leading foot either to be between home, on the street or most elegant party. Jessica Biel shows off her boots on rainy days, Melissa Rivers their daring lilac heels, and even shows Sofia Vergara leading under his gown.

These pictures are all the rage, even communities have been created around this fetish. In the fashion week in New York, Eva Chen, the editor in chief of the magazine Lucky Magazine, was the one who started the trend and even revealed her pregnancy in this way under the hashtag #shoefie and achieving many “Like” imposed on. Also at the gala at the Metropolitan Museum as well as the Cannes Film Festival’s self-shoe were the rage. The stars so they can have a closer relationship with your followers and obviously advertise and promote their favorite designs or order of the brands that sponsor them. And the most ingenious give us a clue as to where they are vacationing from this particular angle.

Shoes every day more players and thus leave their mark on the world of fashion by taking the favorite place of the most beautiful faces.

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