Shoes for spring summer 2012-2013 with colored platforms

Shoes for spring summer 2012-2013 with colored platforms

The colors platforms are the stars of the spring-summer 2013. The platform shoes have different formats: shoes, sandals, botinetas or Swedish. While at first seemed a bit weird, the platforms were completely sympathetic, comfortable, for all ages, simple yet sexy. But also, what stands out in these platforms are the colors and some prints. The stridency has reached our feet with red suede models, electric blue or turquoise.
Shoes for spring summer 2012-2013 with colored platforms
This summer 2013 will be a good season for shoes because of this tendency to the platform that filled all markets.

Colors and textures

The chamois is a constant in the platform shoes of this 2013 season. In this mode, the platform itself is covered in this material. In turn, these bases may be the same color as the rest of the footwear, or may be combined. Another possibility is that only the body of the shoe or sandal having suede platform, while high as the sole rubber.

The zapatillitas with a retro platform has more sophisticated than the Swedes, while botinetas sandals can be worn any look. What stands out is that each model defines a trendsetting style for spring-summer. And so far, maybe just one word to define the new trend in sandals and shoes 2013: convenience.
Shoes for spring summer 2012-2013 with colored platforms


In Europe also swept the platforms on shoes, especially with brands like Nasty Gal. One of the most celebrated was Sarkany Lucia, who trembled when express and embody creativity and innovation in their summer shoes.

Run Lola said production from wood covered platform and suede leather sandals basis to strip in coordinating colors. The early spring and next summer will be full of these accompanying platform shoes capri pants, Chupines, miniskirts, shorts and mini dresses.

Another of the companies that gave his version of taco platform was Saverio di Ricci, calling on her outfits for this summer season 2013 from the pastel shades, hues, meanwhile, as are all the rage in clothes and footwear.