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Ski: Winter Look for everyday

Comes the winter and cold and dark days are imposed. Given the weather like wind, cold, rain or snow in many cases, nothing beats a good outfit to accompany this season of the year and that is comfortable and very fashionable to carry it everywhere. Not all garments, even beautiful they are, good or give us shelter welfare to be at freezing temperatures, which is why we use it for winter sports can adapt to every day this season.

The advantage of this trend is that the unisex practical, convenient and innovative style
One of the trends that impose strong ara this upcoming season is the 2015 winter ski or ski chic look, a novelty that will not leave anyone indifferent and that is to bring fashion to urban ski for everyday use. The celebrities are the ones who put more into practice when it comes to go cold fashionable cities and sheltered. Among the famous drivers of this trend, Olivia Palermo wears her winter sets in the streets of New York and is often seen with ski boots over jeans.

In the chic ski wear the premise is skiing own clothing or garments and sets inspired by the sport of low temperatures. Because sheltered design can also be very fashionable and comfortable without looking like fresh from the ski slope. The new summer urban look supports markers, parkas and coats with leather details to be comfortable, warm and stylish. Wool caps and tassels or pompoms are a must as well as good thick gloves and scarves , also oversize jackets, coats grecos layer and patterned, geometric color. The Alpine fashion is inspiration for dressing in all ideal for cold days sides.

Ski details look must-haves

To get the alpine style must summon all the basic clothing for the cold : winter boots, ponchos, collars, coats, hats, sweaters, coats and maxi bags and backpacks with leather. All this combined with the urban core with the idea not to dress like an Eskimo, but to look cool and feminine at all. The keys:

This alpine fashion is also known as the après ski and was first coined by Tommy Hilfiger
Some garments worth to combine air sixties as the fringes, tribal prints and coats layer with high boots and boots with leather.

For shelter worth cloth blankets, bags of thick wool and fine point.

Coats and ponchos become functional and harbor much.

While high boots over jeans or with high wool socks are perfect for every day.

Sweaters with alpine air and fun colors are again protagonists. Also designs and diamond bullet are inevitable.

Also maxi-sweaters to use as dress on a shim giving a very relaxed style.

The shoe supports from hiking boots, totally hairy leather or lamb skin detail.

The hooded parka and leather interior is inevitable like the woolly hat and very long scarves.

Also the fur hats and purses style help achieve the look.

This alpine fashion is also known as the après ski and was first coined by Tommy Hilfiger in his Fall Winter 2014-2015 collection inspired by the glaciers, the ice, the Alps and of course snow. Then the trend massified and trademarks creating pieces have come together for this cool style.

The advantage of this trend is that the unisex practical, convenient and innovative style makes it suitable for any cool city. It is also a very urban and street look perfect for a weekend or any day in the afternoon, where very warm so we can be trendy.

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