Some effective Easy ways to accelerate weight reduction

Losing weight involves not only diet and exercise, can also promote weight loss lifestyle with simple but effective, such as proper food intake until the right time for exercise.

Not strict diets

If 1,200 calories per day consumed diet is not good. In these cases the body is put into “reserve” and only water weight and muscle rather than fat is lost.

The metabolism becomes slower in order to save energy and stores fat faster when ingested, for make reservations.
The metabolism becomes slower in order to save energy and stores fat faster when ingested

Eat more times a day

Following and respecting the right amount of calories, one of the best ways to speed weight loss is to make smaller meals.
Eat small portions every two to three hours, maintaining active metabolism and thus burn more calories.

Opt for organic foods

The chemicals in processed foods play against when it comes to losing weight. In the case of plants is the same, pesticides can affect thyroid function and thus delay the metabolic rate.

Have tea

Drink green tea and herbs to reap the benefits of polyphenols which are antioxidants that contribute to a higher rate of burning calories.

Getting enough sleep

When the body rests greatly improves the necessary calorie-burning potential, thus further cravings riots caused by hormones are avoided.

Exercise the right way

A more muscle, the higher the calorie burn. Increased metabolism at rest through exercise is very important, this is achieved with interval workouts alternating minutes of regular exercise with a maximum of 60 seconds of intense.

Use flavor spices

The metabolism can be maintained at a good speed if we use peppers, chilies, ginger and cinnamon meals.

Black coffee

No sugar or cream added to coffee, at most a little skim milk should not tolerate coffee.
One way to speed weight loss it is to start the day with black coffee and continue with black or green tea. Taurine, which is found in many energy drinks can also help speed up the metabolic rate, but watch out for those with added sugar.

Instant breakfast

The body starts to burn calories barely awake, so you have 30-60 minutes after breakfast and include lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.